Spy of the Month

spy of the month

Agent Name: Who's on First
Real Name: Carol Bean

Congratulations, Spy! How does it feel?
I am shocked! How did you know I was here? This was a top secret mission!

How did you first get involved at 826CHI?
Veeeerrrry carefully. You can never be too cautious as a new secret agent. Or as an old secret agent.

What has been your favorite 826 experience so far?
Absolute favorite: finding out these kids are creative *geniuses*! Very clever, too.

What do you do when you aren't working undercover?
I knit, read, work out at the gym, study finance, go to theaters and museums, and play with grandchildren. Not necessarily in that order.

What's your favorite piece you've ever knitted?
Hmmm, that's a hard one. I'm especially fond of a cardigan I knitted for my mom several years ago. I made one for me also, and then one for my daughter because it's so easy, fast, and cozy warm.

We received classified intel that you spent many early mornings with students at Zapata Academy for this year's In-School letter-writing project. What are your thoughts on letter-writing?
OMG, where did that leak come from? NSA is in biiiiggg trouble! Hmm, I'm betting they tipped you off to my fondness for that type of communication and my love of encouraging the young and old to hone their letter writing skills.

Our most careful agents always have the best codenames. What's yours?
Who's on First

Any words of wisdom for aspiring spies of the month?
The young at heart know that imagination is the key to everything.