Spy of the Month

spy of the month

Agent Name: Agent Filofax
Real Name: Leah Allen

Congratulations, Spy! How does it feel?  
Feels great!  As ever, I'm so happy to be a part of 826CHI and this is truly an honor!

How did you first get involved at 826CHI?
I signed up to volunteer as an after school tutor wayyyyyyyyyy back in the year 2007. I also worked in the Boring Store, and have since transitioned to morning field trips and helping to plan and execute Eat Your Words.

What has been your favorite 826 experience so far?  
It's a tie: from a couple of years ago, when I was explaining Admiral Moody to a rather inquisitive 2nd grader: He couldn't understand why the admiral didn't want to meet him and his classmates. And I told him that it certainly wasn't because the admiral didn't like them, but because of his severe allergy. To which the student replied, "well of course he wants to meet us! We're really great!"  and from the most recent Eat Your Words: I saw Quinn Wells, who I tutored and worked with at the writing table from the time she was in 4th or 5th grade — and now she's a junior, and we had the most lovely conversation. Seeing her and the success that she has already achieved was just wonderful.  

What do you do when you aren't working undercover?
I work part time as a restaurant boss at Anteprima in Andersonville, and the rest of the time I spend with my husband Bill and our new baby son, Walter.

How did you get involved with Eat Your Words?  
I was asked to assist with the first Eat Your Words because my many years of restaurant experience are relevant to the event — acting as a liaison between 826 and the chefs, working with the committee to plan the event, and of course executing the evening with the team.   

Do you read to Walter? If so, what's your favorite book to read to him?
We read every day.  We like to read Walter books that were our favorites as kids — our moms still had them! Bill’s pick is Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion and mine is Little Fox Goes to the End of the World by Ann Tompert. Walter also really likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  

Our top agents always have the best codenames. What’s yours?
Agent Filofax! Secret Power: Snooze Button

Any words of wisdom for aspiring spies of the month?
826CHI has been a source of great experiences for me—continuing to volunteer has brought me friendship, and a wonderful sense of community. Keep coming back, please!!