Spy of the Month

spy of the month

Agent Name: Juliette Lima Sierra Echo Charlie
Real Name: Team Gensler

**Team Gensler: Jessica, Linda, Stephen, Erin, Chad

Congrats! How does it feel?
It feels like we've won the Spy Superbowl! We are all extremely honored. Although I don't know about visiting Disneyland just yet.

How did you uncover 826CHI? In what capacity did you volunteer your time?
826 has been an organization we've watched grow and finally saw the right opportunity to jump in and help. We leveraged all of our personal expertise to design the new 826CHI space based on a young Spy's journey. Each Spy can imagine their trip around the world, having adventures in exotic and intriguing locations. It is all up to their imaginations now!

Last April, you came in to conduct a vision session with our After School Tutoring & Writing students. What ideas struck you most?
By how many kids wanted a swimming pool in the space!  But since we couldn’t give them that, we went with their other top choices of lots of color and places for books.

How did you incorporate the students' ideas into your designs of the new space?
The Morse Code bookshelves were inspired by the students' ideas of wanting lots of color, places for books and still giving them a secret message for them to decode.

Obviously, the space looks brilliant. What is your favorite part?
The murals! There is just something fulfilling about making things with your own two hands that the students and staff can enjoy on a daily basis.

Do you have any parting words of wisdom for aspiring Spies of the Month?
Value the creativity inside of yourselves and others, it will always serve you well in life. A great Spy is in all of you, have fun and keep writing!