Writer of the Month

Crystal M

Agent Name: Grade 6
Real Name: Crystal M

What’s your favorite book and who is your favorite author?
Dan Guntman and I like My Weird School Books. They’re funny. Ms. LaGrange is Strange is my favorite. They have weird names and they’re weird and some of them are mean to a certain person because they think they are annoying.

Do you have any special hobbies or talents?
I like ice-skating. This is my second time doing it, so I’ve been doing it for two months. I can pick up my leg. They’re teaching us the basics right now before we get into a higher level.  

What is your favorite thing about writing?
I can think about what I want to write.

What’s your favorite memory of 826CHI?
When this person came in [Dr. Henry Del Rosario] and was a guest and they were teaching us what they did in a hospital.

What inspired you to write “The Day We Took Over Paris and Another Adventure?”
Well, it was the prompt on the board, and they said add some things so I just added parrots. I like Paris! It looks pretty. I want to go some day.

I love how you tell the story through the diary entries of a parrot. It’s such creative way to tell the story. Do you keep a diary?
I used to when I was little but not anymore. I used to write about my day. I still have them and I look over them and I think, Why did I write this? Sometimes they’re silly things and I don’t know why I wrote them. [The diary idea] just came up to my head when I was writing “The Day We Took Over Paris and Another Adventure.”

I like how they’ve taken the Eiffel Tower as an accessory for their boat.
I just thought of it because it’s something that’s popular.

What’s the favorite part of the story you wrote?
When they took over Paris and they put it on their ship to show they rule the world.

Where do you want to travel?
I want to go to Spain. I just want to go. It sounds like it has nice weather. And I know their language. Sometimes the words they use are words I didn’t even know existed.

Do you have writing advice for other students?
Write what’s in your head! Or write what you’re thinking of before you forget it.

What’s something else you want the world to know about you?
I like Paris and I like fuchsia. Interesting fact is that I like Moana.

What do you want to be when you’re an adult?
I’m thinking a doctor, but I don’t know if I change my mind in the future. I like little kids. Or maybe a babysitter.