Writer of the Month

Ingrid G.

Agent Name: Grade 8
Real Name: Ingrid G.

What’s your favorite book or author?
My favorite book is Flipped by Gwendlyn Van Derren. She wrote other mystery books but this book is very different from other books she wrote. What I really like about this one is I get to see two-sides of the same story. It was also the first book that made me love other books.

Do you have any special hobbies or talents?
I like to play piano, I like to read, I like playing musical instruments. I’m starting to learn how to play the electric guitar. It’s kind of difficult playing playing chords. I have an electric piano at home and I’m learning through youtube. I can play the first few chords of Adele’s “Hello.”

What inspired you to write “The Tree and My Imagination?”
I was kinda confused at first. The prompt was, What would you find in a tree? Bugs probably. So let’s make it something positive. I was doing research on parallel universes and there was this youtube video about time travelling and was like that’d be cool if they all came together.

What do you think a movie set in 1989 looks like?
My tutor asked me this last time! I think it would take place outside, not inside with the green screen. I think it would take longer to make a movie. I think it would be all colorful.

Your character sounds pretty nervous in the story. She’s going through all the possibilities in her head of what could happen. What’s advice you have for someone who is feeling nervous about exploring a new place?
Think positively. Think about all the good things that would come out of the situation. Try not to

What’s your favorite pasta dish?
Chicken and broccoli alfredo.

What else inspires you besides time travel, movie sets, and Italy?
Italy is a place I’d like to travel and building a time a machine is something I want to do, though it might not be possible while I’m alive. And then I started talking about Antarctica and the desert -- I was just thinking of places I want to go see.

What’s your favorite memory of 826CHI?
It was that day when we were in the old 826 and it was kinda like a field trip, and they took us to this place when they talked to us about recycling. And we got to make stuff out of used boxes.