Writer of the Month

Julian D.

Agent Name: Grade 6
Real Name: Julian D.

Secret Agent Code Name: Gamer Dude

Esteemed Author of “Afraid”

What’s your favorite book and who is your favorite author?
Lunchlady, by Jarrett Krosoczka. It’s about this lunch lady who goes places and there’s like, bad guys, and she’s a lunch lady who has gadgets that are kitchen utensils.

Do you have any special hobbies or talents?
I have talent at swimming and origami making. I like to do the butterfly stroke, and make origami people.

What is your favorite thing about writing?
Writing stories and stuff. That I can be creative and adventurous. I usually write people I know or get names from cartoons.

What’s your favorite memory of 826CHI?
I think when I first got here. I was a little nervous.

What inspired you to write “Afraid?”
I keep on hearing on people say Jeff and I usually like ocean animals. My favorite ocean animal is an angler fish. Because they’re great predators and they easily trick fish, and I like how they look.

I love the name of the thief, “Jacob Sartorious!” How did you get that name?
I don’t know. I think it’s some guy on the internet.

The beginning of your story is really descriptive: “It was a stormy night at 826CHI when the lightning flashed and Jeff saw a shadow.” How did you come up with that beginning?
Usually when there are shadows on a stormy night it’s scary. That’s what happens in movies. Something is missing.

The last part is funny and clever. There’s a P.S. telling us that Jacob Sartorious is selling the books on the internet. How much are the books selling for?
For a lot of money. I think, $250. He’ll probably buy stuff, like a game stuff.

If you had $250, what would you spend it on?
I would spend it on a drone.

Would you get an angler fish?
Probably. But it’s a lot of responsibility. I’d get an angler fish. And I’d make my own headquarters.

Do you have writing advice for other students?
I would write something that’s like a cool word for the dictionary. As an example, instead of “jumped,” you could use “hopped.”

What’s something else you want the world to know about you?
I would like for them to know how I make origami.

What do you want to be when you’re an adult?
I want to be a pedicurist at a set, where they act.