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826CHI would be in a pickle indeed without its many wonderful interns. We seek a group of enthusiastic, dedicated Interns for fall, winter/spring, and summer terms (yearlong internships are available, too). Interns work individually and collectively with our staff, a large group of volunteers, and fellow interns.

Overview & Requirements

826CHI interns commit to 15-20 weekly hours of unpaid experience during one term (fall: September-December, winter/spring: January-June, summer: June-August), with the possibility of extension. Interns participate in all aspects of 826CHI and often have the opportunity to conduct individual projects based on personal skills and interests.

All 826CHI interns should have a good sense of humor and the ability to work in a fast-paced, frenetic environment. 826CHI is currently offering the following positions for SUMMER 2016—application deadline is Thursday, March 31st, 2016 at 5pm.

Educational Programming: This intern supports all areas of 826CHI's educational programming. The ideal Programming intern has a strong interest in working with youth of all ages and is seeking experience in creative writing education. Programming interns work closely with the Director of Education and Program Manager to develop program curriculum, work directly with students through our Field Trips, Workshops, After-School Tutoring & Writing, and In-Schools, and support program admin and events. This summer, we seek interns who are comfortable working with visual arts and have experience working with English Language Learners and students in grades 1-5. Click here for full description.

Communications & Marketing: This intern supports the Communications Manager in telling the story of 826CHI across a variety of platforms. The ideal Communications intern has a knack for synthesizing information and communicating succinctly and in 826CHI's lively, playful voice. Resonsible for creating written and graphic content for our social media platforms, monthly e-newsletter, and web site, this internship is an ideal opportunity for someone seeking in-depth, hands-on experience in the communications/marketing and project management world. A strong sense of humor and impeccable writing ability are required; graphic design experience a major plus! Click here for full description.

Publications: This intern supports the organization’s Publications efforts. The ideal candidate has a strong interest in student writing/voice, graphic design and layout, and project management. The Publications intern supports dozens of our in-house publication efforts across areas of programming, including Workshops, In-Schools, After-School Tutoring & Writing, and Field Trips. The Publications intern also supports two larger, professional publising projects, the Compendium (a biennial anthology of student writing across our programs), and one unique Spring anthology project. This position works closely with the Director of Education and Program Manager on each of these publications. Excellent project management and organizational skills are required, as well as strong familiarity with Adobe InDesign. Click here for full description.

Graphic Design: This intern supports the aesthetic and graphic branding of materials produced by the organization. The Graphic Design intern helps bring student writing to life through live illustration during Field Trips, regularly produces collateral for events and our programs, and supports the creation of publications full of student work. The ideal design intern is an innovative and creative thinker, has a passion for working with youth and cultivating truly extraordinary design ideas, an appreciation for nuanced and intelligent humor, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, frenetic environment. Click here for full description.

Development: This intern supports the Director of Development in fundraising efforts. The ideal Development intern has a strong interest in telling the story of 826CHI to new audiences, increasing our exposure to Chicago's diverse community of funders, and is seeking experience in creative writing education and youth development within the non-profit setting. Strong writing and research skills required.  Click here for full description.

Creative Engagement: This intern supports the operations and promotion of 826CHI's Secret Agent Supply store. Our storefront serves as a way to raise money for the organization and engages and educates the local community about 826CHI's mission. The ideal Creative Engagement intern has an interest in marketing, graphic design, customer service, retail management or entrepreneurship, and visual merchandising. Click here for full description.

Arts Administration: This intern directly supports the Executive Director in all aspects of nonprofit organization administration including development and stewardship. This graduate-level internship is intended for those who want to learn the mechanics of nonprofit leadership and management. The ideal candidate has strong organizational skills and is a self-starter and effective communicator. Click here for a full description.

Before applying for an internship at 826CHI, please read full position descriptions and apply to the internship(s) that fit your interests. The application deadline for a position for SUMMER 2016 is Thursday, March 31st, at 5pm. For questions about these positions, please email Tracy Woodley, Volunteer Coordinator at

Current Interns

Hajrije Kolimja*
Programming Intern

Jacob Hall
Programming Intern

Alex Borkowski*
Publications Intern

Reed Redmond
Programming Intern

Neeka Stewart***
Volunteers & Outreach Intern

Bea Cabrera*
Creative Engagement Intern

Gargi Saripalli
Arts Administration Intern

Steph Jurusz*
Communications Intern

Jac Kuntz
Commucations Intern

Kelsey Zigmund
Illustration Intern

Kinsley Koons*
Compendium Intern

*returning from fall 2015
**through DePaul University's Steans Center Community Partners Internship program

Past Interns

Moira Cassidy
Steven Etheridge
Annika Konrad
Jonathan D’Angelo
Brandon Dorn
Brandon Harper
Aaron Regunberg
Mollie Dillon
Emily Bell
Bailey Brittin
Rom Severino
Carrie Colpitts
Michelle Yacht
Kea Wilson
Elena Losey
Adam Gaeddert
Paul Fermin
Stephanie Clark
Maya Marshall
Sarah Grainer
Annie Kennedy
Laura Forster Maheshwary
Alexis Thomas
Andrew McClain
Nicolette Kittinger
Sarah Polen
Brenna Ivey
Saraah Malik
Colin Packard
Amanda Mather
Cassie Cleary
Lisa Yoshiko Radecki
Jim Withington
Maureen Hickey
Rufus Urion
Michelle Czarnecki
Angelica Davila
Christopher Rife
Laura Philbin
Kate Albing
Cole Londeree
Caitlin Cass
Drew Dixon
Emily Jones
Emily Penn
Lydia Cooper
Ali Kelley
Lauren Catey
Nandita Raghuram
Janet Potter
Lilly Gray
Anna Green
Dori Trimble
Clare Hiatt
Adam Kivel
Jeni Crone
Mike Baker
Corinne Fetter Kritikos
Aaron Apple
Soukprida Phetmisy
Pat Mohr
Matt Sudman
Lauren Gill
Laura Mittelstaedt
Billie Pritzker
Francisco Tirado
Shannon Wilson
Bridget Anne Greenfield
Danielle Littman
Anna Gross
Daniel Wonk
Nora Wynn
Vineeth Hemavathi
Alex Lubben
Abi Humber
Katy Steele
Abigail Howard
Andrea Ayers
Hanna Ahn
Alison Lacey
Nico Dregni
Jenna Hindi
Lainie Fromby
Alissa Walkner
Becky Baumann
Michael Light
Ashlyn Wheeler
Katie Gonzalez
Kim Keating
Everett Mulroe
Daniel Gonzalez
Gianna Canning
Esther Lee

Galen Beebe
Claire Gaddis
Katy Heubel
Warren Yates
Nell Klugman
Ashley Keyser
Nick Saigh
Josh Lesser
Sian Kresse
Daniel Rivera
Bryce Parsons-Twesten
Abby Ryder-Huth
Meghan Hickey
Angela Zhang
Sarah Hansen
Danya Sherbini
Elizabeth Gaughan
Noboru Bitoy
Rebecca Stoner
Mo Kinsinger
Brianna Gielow
Ethan Kenvarg
Peter Jensen
Thomas Boyle
Phoebe Jordan-Reilly
Hannah Callas
Majken Schmidt Sogaard
Quinn Korreck
Rocio Pacheco
Carly Hubbard
Peter Benassi
Sarah Hersey
Emily Beaufort
Tara Jayakar
Ali Cnockaert
Elif Karatas
Sophie Lyons
Marybeth Beitzel
Caitlin O'Hara
Sherry He
Samantha Schoville
Emma Rubenstein
Olutoye Adegboro
Josephine Wang
Kristina Giannoutsos
Grace Carey
Elizabeth Anderson
Connor MacCartney
Micki Burton
Kayla Hammersmith
Sheela Kumar
Megan Lantz
Brian Martin
Maggie McGovern
Laura Myers
Kyrstin Rodriguez
Drew Weaver
Kayla Schwalbe
Katie Watts
Nana Yaw Larbi-Tieku
Chelsea McDonald
Begina Armstrong
Carrie Dzike
Kana Felix
Brett Slezak
Molly Sprayregen
Matt Stursberg
Alex Lugo
Bridet Leduc
Hallye Webb
Learesi Montes
MJ Johnston
Michel Bigelow
Richie Wheelock