Our troops of dedicated, enthusiastic, and oh-so-smart volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Volunteers assist in running every single student program, in addition to serving as lead spies in the Boring Store, helping us write a grant here and there, designing posters, stuffing 193 envelopes, etc. As such, we are always looking for more volunteers to join our expanding and calcifying backbone.

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Time Commitment

We know you’re talented, and we know you’re busy so we strive to honor whatever time you are able to give us — whether that’s volunteering for one field trip a month, teaching one workshop per session, or serving as a weekly tutor. Please note, for certain programs, namely After-School Tutoring & Writing, we require that volunteers commit to coming one day per week, and commit to volunteering for a minimum of 4 months. Other long-term In-Schools projects may also require a more regular commitment, depending on a teacher’s needs. Our New Volunteer Orientations are held monthly throughout the school year. Submit your application today, and we will let you know when the next session is available! (Because so much of our programming involves schools and teachers, we are very quiet during the summer. Summer orientations happen in early June and late August.)

Application Process

  1. Apply now and tell us all about yourself.
  2. Attend an orientation. Learn all about volunteering at 826. Be amazed.
  3. Go about your normal routine as 826CHI staff performs a foreground check followed by the more probing background check. If all goes well you will be eligible to begin volunteering.
  4. Receive volunteer opportunities through bi-weekly emails that cover all of our current programming and organizational needs.
  5. Sign up for volunteer opportunities through our online calendar or by contacting the respective staff member.
  6. Begin!