A Heartwarming Work of Staggering Generosity

Chicago Reader, November 10, 2005

Last year, when she was in second grade, Kristie De Luna couldn't wait to do her homework. It was assigned for the whole week each Monday, and she'd come home and want to tear through it all. "I'd get tired," says her father, Gonzalo, "and have to persuade her to save some for later."

In third grade something changed. "It was boring" is all Kristie will say. Gonzalo and his wife, Janet, talked about getting their daughter a tutor, but most of the ones they found were too expensive, as much as $400 a month. Then a month ago a copy of Chicago Journal appeared on the family's front steps, and on the cover was a story about something called 826CHI. Gonzalo says he got pulled into reading it because it mentioned a store that sold "secret-agent supplies." The next paragraph mentioned free tutoring. Read More

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