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#INTERNviews: Micki and Sheela

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November 18th—

This week, Micki and Sheela discuss time traveling with Socrates and Donald Draper, being immortal for a day, and ephemeral pleasures in writing, love and...lunch.

Name: Micki Burton
Code Name: Mrs. Iglesias
Intern track and goals: Development Intern. My goal is to make a living in writing and/or comedy, or, at the very least, find a good way to use the English Literature major I have.


Name: Sheela Kumar
Code Name: Agent Condor. A California Condor swooped over me once while I was hiking in Point Reyes, CA. I had no idea a bird could be that terrifying - you know, just one bird, because Hitchcock showed how scary they would be if they coordinated.
Intern track and goals: Development. I am excited to learn from the best (Tammy Fickel) and would love to write a successful grant for 826CHI.

Chillfest at The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.

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November 13th—

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, November 15— Chillfest (in conjunction with the Wicker Park-Bucktown Chamber of Commerce) at The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co!

Get started on your holiday shopping while Honey & the 45s, The Midnight Kicks, Hazel and The Grimms, and The Lifeline perform all-acoustic sets, all day long.

#INTERNviews: Kayla and Laura

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November 11th—

In the fourth installment of #INTERNviews, Kayla and Laura discuss their goals working with young writers, their epic living room concerts, and (literally) climbing mountains.

Name: Kayla Schwalbe
Code Name: Sylvana Cahoots
Intern track and goals: Publications! I'm excited to learn more about desktop publishing and its impact on young writers! Specifically, I'm interested in getting more comfortable with InDesign and learning about curriculum development.


Name: Laura Myers
Code Name: Spiderman
Intern track and goals: Programming intern.  I participate in the In-School project at Mitchell Elementary School, in After-School Tutoring & Writing, and Wednesday morning Field Trips.  My future goals are to understand what motivates young students to write, and how our society can encourage those reasons beyond school, as well as how creative writing skills strengthen other aspects of schooling. Another goal is to have a student like working with me so much, they ask to be put with me again and again.

Save the Date for Scrabble for Cheaters 2015

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November 6th—

Calling all rogues! Scrabble for Cheaters is a Scrabble tournament with a dishonest twist for an honest cause, and early registration is open now through Tuesday, November 11—sign up by emailing, and your team's $30 registration fee will be waived.

Teams of two compete in a fierce Scrabbletournament in which the traditional use of brain power is mixed with the alluring use of officially-sanctioned cheats. The more money a team fundraises for 826CHI's student programming before the tournament date, the more that team can cheat during the match.

When: Saturday, January 31, noon
Where: 826CHI; 1276 N Milwaukee Ave

#INTERNviews: Drew and Kayla

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November 5th—

In our third installment of #INTERNviews, Drew and Kayla share what's on their bucket list, give a brief message to all humans on earth, and tell us some things they'll never do again. (The chocolate thing has to be a lie. And what happened with that giraffe?)

Name: Drew Weaver
Code Name: Small Spoon
Intern track and future goals: Programming - I currently help with our Power and Place Curriculum Build at Curie High School and Chicago Public Library's One Book, One Chicago Workshop.


Name: Kayla Hammersmith
Code Name: Myrtle Quagmire
Intern track and future goals: Programming Intern. My future goals are TBD as of this very minute, 7:49 PM CST on a cold October Sunday evening. I'm not sure what I'll do when I graduate from Northwestern, but I do know that I want to be happy, live near my family, have a home filled with trinkets, learn French and the violin, and do good in my work.

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