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Zombie Attack

From 25 Seconds to Eat the Whole Pie

By Amalia Pappa, Grade 2

It was a gloomy-night midnight when the zombies came out. I was still awake, and then—footsteps. Who was it…?

ZOMBIES!!!! But guess who was brave? Okay, maybe not me, but I knew who was. Justin Bieber? No. Rahm Emanuel? No. Ghosts? Yes! I knew it all along. So I called the ghost family 892-555-8118.

The girls, boys, mom, and dad picked up. They said, “HellooOOoo.”

I said, “Hey.”

They said, “Is that youUuu Amalia?”

I said, “Yeah. I need your help.”

“Sureee,” they said.

“Okay. Zombies are at my house—come as fast as you can.”

So they came.

I wasn’t freaked out. I knew them and they were friendly. I would let them in, but I knew they would just go through the walls. I was correct. But the zombies were coming closer. I was running out of time.

I said, “Get your dart guns and fart guns and Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Attack!! Zombies, you are finished!”

But me and the ghosts had to squeeze our noses as tight as we could so we couldn’t smell the fart guns.

Just then, a tornado came and 150 houses caught on fire at the same time. I was in trouble BIG TIME. So we started a war. We couldn’t understand the zombies though.

They said, “Arrrrrrahr.”

I asked the ghosts what that was supposed to mean.

They said, “Brain juice.”

Oh my gosh, the zombies wanted my brain! Okay, that’s common. I was in big trouble—my mom woke up!!! I was embarrassed and scared. What if she thought they were friends of mine? But no, she was scared. I told her that ghosts are good. So she went back to bed. Phew. 

The zombies got no brain juice—we killed them first. The ghosts made zombies on rye. I didn’t take any chances.

I Am From

From 25 Seconds to Eat the Whole Pie

By Mikey Hicks, Grade 6

I am from the autumn
the dancing leaves on the sidewalk
the cold water on the beach
the breeze on a colorful day
the October
my day of birth
the 21st National Pee Day.

I am from a fun-filled day
full of laughter
a day at the pool
Splish Splash
all friends and family
a great hot dog
with some Coke, too,
maybe some Mentos, Michelle.

I am from home
Wood and Elk Grove
The fresh smell at the end of the day
A feast for a king
The loving caring family
The fried chicken in my bed
And my misfit friend Clyde
Also the talking bacon.

Ode to a Squirrel Named Dimple

From When the Carnival is Closed

By Thayss Lopez, Grade 5

Oh, Squirrel named Dimple—
You four-legged, fluffy squirrel—
How I love you!
I love you so much I would give you my Bagel supreme!
It has cheese, egg, ham, and turkey—
Oh how it makes my mouth water!
I saw you today by the street
and you are so smart,
you stood by the curve, waiting in traffic.
Yes, Squirrel, you RULE!

Michael Jackson, Be My Valentines

From When the Carnival is Closed

By Ivanova Alaniz, Grade 1

Dear Michael Jackson,
be my Valentines
because I love your singing.
I’d like to play tag and to go
swimming and sledding and ride on
bumper cars and have dinner
and have fun together.

I love you.

We could go and get ice cream and go
to the hotel and swim in the
water and practice swimming together
and have a good time.
We could sing together always
and have dinner together.

We could dance on the dance
floor and have so
much fun
and invite
one of my
friends over,
and his name
is George.


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