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A Place Above Your Head

From I Need Everyone to see my Sparkles
By Cyrus LeMoine, Grade 4

There is a place above your head. It is invisible. It represents your mood. The people in it act out your mood. If you are angry, they are angry and fight. If you are happy, they are happy and shake hands and eat ice cream. If you are sad, they cry and mope around. They look exactly like you. The buildings they live in are three-story houses.

The houses also act your mood, too. If you are angry, the houses scowl and their windows break. If you are happy, the houses smile and are in perfect condition. If you are sad, the buildings frown and the plumbing leaks. If you are sad, it rains. If you are happy, it’s sunny. If you are angry, there is a thunderstorm.

If you fight someone, the places crash together and the people on them fight each other. Everyday, they eat every single thing on the food triangle. They are very healthy. They speak Gobbledygook.

“Binobo shuf spug” means “Welcome to my world.”


The Day I Saw Aliens

From I Need Everyone to See My Sparkles
By Catherine Galvan, Grade 3

One normal day I was playing a game as usual when all of a sudden I saw a green light outside of my window. I was scared at first, then I was not for some reason.

I went outside and the light was far away. It was green and I got closer to it. It was an alien! They were big like a giant and they felt like wallpaper. Their mouth was a circle. They had no nose and their eyes were yellow. But I was not scared. If other people would be with me they would come out running.

Then I beat up the alien. An army of aliens started to attack but then I beat them all up. I was pretty lucky to be in karate class. No wonder my mom wanted me to be in it. It was because she was involved with this. I decided I’d ask her after I finished beating up all these aliens—wait, I am done.

I went inside and told my mom, “Are you involved with all of the alien stuff?”
My mom answered, “Maybe I am. Maybe I am not.”

Then I went to my room to figure out who was involved with this instead of my mom. I kept asking my mom the same question over and over, and the same answer came out of her mouth.

Finally she said, “I am involved with all the alien stuff.”

She also said, “Well, honey pie, the aliens were my friends and I wanted you to meet the alien. They just came to say hi to you and me.”


Gwieger’s Great Adventure

Gwieger the turgacorn lived in Candyland. Gwieger was part turtle, part unicorn, and part pegasus. He had a green shell, a short, blue horn protruding from his head, and red and pink striped wings. He lived inside a giant candy cane, on Jolly Rancher Way, and spent every day sitting inside eating candy for his job as a candy reviewer. However, Gwieger found himself very unhappy, so he decided to go to Univille where unicorns and pegasi roamed freely.

Gwieger left his candy cane home and began his mystical journey to Univille. Unfortunately, he ran into someone he wasn’t expecting--Dr. William Evil, the pandacorn. Gwieger was plodding through the licorice jungle, trying to navigate through all of the licorice vines hanging from the trees, when suddenly, Dr. William jumped out from his secret lair in the great licorice tree, and shouted in an outburst, “HALT THERE, TURGACORN! No one goes past my lair without making me laugh!”

Gwieger wasn’t sure if he could make the mighty horned panda laugh, but he started with a joke, “Ok, Dr. Evil, here’s a joke. What’s big, evil, with a golden horn, and white and black fur?”

“I give up,” said Dr. William. “What is it?”

“YOU!” shouted Gwieger, as he giggled nervously.

“Not funny at all, turgacorn! You have one more chance, or I’ll turn you into bamboo for my afternoon snack!”

Gwieger thought and thought about being funny, and as he did, he flapped his wings, trying to fly away and escape. His wings were too small to allow him to fly, but he managed to get a few inches off the ground. As he hovered there in mid-air, trying to keep himself in flight, Dr. William Evil began to laugh hysterically at the struggling turgacorn.

“HA! I made you laugh! Now let me pass!” exclaimed Gwieger as he stopped flapping and landed on the ground.

“You made me laugh, so you may pass, turgacorn. But I’m warning you, this won’t be the last time you see me on your journey to Univille,” sneered Dr. William.

Gwieger walked on past the pandacorn, and continued. He walked and walked until he got tired and decided to take a nap on a bed of cotton candy at the base of a licorice tree. When Gwieger awoke, he couldn’t move, because Dr. William Evil had tied him to the tree with licorice vines.

As Dr. William looked on, Gwieger yelled, “This is outrageous! Why would you do this?”

“I told you that you’d see me again! Now I’m going to turn you into my snack,” growled Dr. Evil as he approached the helpless Gwieger.

Gwieger had no way to escape. He squeezed his eyes shut, and hoped for the best. He heard a rustling in the licorice bush off to the right, and opened one eye, and saw the biggest, most beautiful, white pegasus with a golden horn and silver wings. The pegasus, who was much larger than Dr. William Evil, towered over the panda and shouted at him, “My name is Shreena, and I am the mayor of Univille! I am here to escort this turgacorn to his new home. Unhand him!”

Dr. William Evil was terrified of the giant Shreena, and cowered back into the jungle, and to his lair. Shreena bent down, and began to eat the licorice that was binding Gwieger.

Shreena motioned for Gwieger to climb onto her back, and after he did, they flew off toward Univille. As they passed under the most beautiful rainbow Gwieger had ever seen, he whispered to Shreena, “Thank you for rescuing me.”

Once he thanked the mayor of Univille, Gwieger transformed into a full-grown green pegasus, with a shimmering blue horn, tortoise-shell saddle, and red and white striped wings that he used to fly the rest of the way to his new home.

I Forgot To Make You Breakfast

The following are selections from our recently released After-School Tutoring chapbook, I Forgot To Make You Breakfast.

Scared at the Museum
by Ivanova
Grade 1

Once I was scared
of the dinosaurs at the museum
and my sister was scared too
but my dad was not.
But before that I was not
scared when I went on a
field trip.

And then I saw bears
and mummies, it was quiet
but they were dead. And then
we saw some birds, some
were brown and some blue.
They were stuffed.

I saw ducks and they were
brown and light brown and black.
I saw dead worms
and eagles and deer too.
I even touched eagle feet
and saw disgusting dead fish bones.

But next time I won’t be scared.

The Day Michael Jackson Turned My Life Around
by Ella
Grade 6

One BAD, BAD day (a school day, like every BAD day), I fell out of my wooden nail-y bed and couldn’t find my blue t-shirt. My mum, like always, screamed, “Get down the stairs right now!” and down I went. I walked to school like usual and stepped in green dog poo.

I was starving because my mum kicked me out the door before I could eat. At school, I ate the worst food ever, which was rotten bananas and spaghetti cereal with worm sauce.

Into class I went. The seventy-year-old teacher, who dresses like she’s seventeen and smells like armpits, said, “Today, class, we are going to have a helper!”
I was like, Oh, no!

Out from nowhere, Michael Jackson did a moonwalk into our classroom. I was so happy. He was singing the song “Smooth Criminal” all day and I never got tired of it. He gave me his sparkling shoes (because my shoes had dog poo on them), and with the sparkling shoes he taught me how to do the moonwalk. Then all the kids got mad because I had sparkly shoes and they did not have any, so they killed Michael Jackson by taking all his fanciest clothes and throwing them out the window. He was so heartbroken that he died.

If you think that MJ died from what you heard on the news, it is not true, this is how it really happened. I still have the sparkly shoes, and now I do the moonwalk to school everyday. But everyday, I clean parts of his clothes that the kids threw out the window and believe that he will come back.

The End

Spectacular Jennifer
by Jennifer
Grade 5

If I were a superhero my name would be Spectacular Jennifer. What turned me into a superhero was that, one day, I was in art class, and it was free time so I was looking out the window. There was a glitter in the right corner. It wasn’t just any glitter, it was a colored one—a color that I can’t even explain. I was so interested so I touched it with my finger (I love art class). I felt goose bumps.

I ran to my house and…I found out I could make something ugly into something beautiful or something mean into something nice. When I came home I saw a rat and it was ugly and mean. But I wasn’t scared and I pet it and it turned into a horse. Then I saw a pencil with bite marks and with a mustache. I picked it up and it came to life with beautiful long hair and a dress. The pencil grew to two inches, with bite marks. I also could turn gold glitter to gold (BIG gold). I was rich after two weeks.

With all of my gold I bought a real gold fish made out of cheese. Also I bought a ticket to go on a vacation to the space ship that they have in space with Wall-E in it.

Everyone knows Spectacular Jennifer. My catch phrase is the sound of sparks and I say, “Spa-spa-spectacular!”

My enemy is a villain named Cat Girl. Cat Girl used to be a football player and she used to be a soccer ball. Cat Girl hated this, but one day Cat Girl drank a poison drink and she turned into a cat although she was still a girl.

Cat Girl just gives me the chills and we fight because she hates glitter. Our fight never ends. Cat Girl looks like a hairball with more hair and one piece of white hair. She wears black high heels (that’s why she can’t run fast). Cat Girl also wears a black jump suit with black monkeys on it. She has black ears and a long, black tail. Cat Girl’s catch phrase is “Meow.”

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