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Non-Stop Cake

It was a Sunday afternoon. Lawar had just got through playing basketball at the court. He drove to the doctor’s in his Cadillac SRX. He had just gotten through eating his cake. His doctor had told his he wasn’t supposed to eat cake. So he drove home and started to have stomach problems. He went to the store to buy milk. But as he was buying milk, he noticed that he didn’t have his wallet. The he drove back to the doctor’s office to see if he left it there. He walked in and noticed that everyone was eating birthday cake, because it was his doctor’s birthday.

He walked in and took the cake. Everybody dropped their plates and started chasing after him. He pulled off in an instant, before anybody could catch him. He was minutes away from his mansion, and he noticed his stomach starting to ache. He drove home and his wife has just got through making a birthday cake for him. He looked in the refrigerator and saw that his wife had made him a cake. He looked behind the cake and saw milk, and poured himself some. He got full and started to go to sleep. He woke up in the morning with frosting and dry milk on his lips, and laying on the floor. Then he remembered he forgot his wallet. He yelled out loud, “Oh man!”   

Van Pelt The Color Changing Ghost

Once upon a time in a spooky cobweb filled house, there lived sixteen regular ghosts and one very special color changing ghost named Van Pelt. Van Pelt could change into any color in the rainbow. He would go black to green to red in just one second. You could always tell Van Pelt's mood by what color he was. Green was if he was embarrassed. Red was if he was angry. Yellow was if he was happy, and black was if he was in love. Van Pelt spent his days scaring people who tried to come into his haunted house. "Get out of my mansion!" he would growl and, starting with his toes, he would change color until he was bright red.

Midnight, on April 26th, Van Pelt ran into a very serious problem at his house. He was minding his own business, just playing a great game of Ghostland when, all of a sudden, he heard some loud footsteps trumping up his stairs.

Creeeeeak went the door to his bedroom. "Hello. May I please play your game with you?" someone asked. Van Pelt looked away from his game with a skeptical look and saw in his doorway the biggest, baddest bully in town. It was Jake the Master. He had a bright red mohawk that was seven feet high.

"What do you want?" asked Van Pelt, "And most of all, why aren't you afraid of me?"

"Well," said Jake the Master, "I'm not afraid of you because I just want to be your friend."

"No way!" screamed Van Pelt, and he turned all of his darkest colors at once.

What happens next?! Will Jake and Van Pelt ever be friends? Who would win if they played Ghostland? How can Jake stand up straight with that much hair? Finish the story yourself, and send it to [email protected].

The Las Vegas Adventure of Buddy and Juju

Buddy, the alien from Mars, lived in a haunted house. He liked to collect things, like rocks, and he liked to eat chicken fingers. One of his favorite things to do was to invite friends over for slumber parties. Juju, the Prince from Saturn, was one of his best friends. One weekend, they jumped in their spaceship and went to Las Vegas.

“Let’s go swimming, and then we can go to the movies,” said Juju.

“Sure,” said Buddy. “That sounds like a great idea.”

As the spaceship came closer to Las Vegas, they looked down and saw that everyone was being very serious, even though there was a huge carnival in town.

“Wow, this carnival looks like fun,” said Juju. “I wonder why everyone is so serious.”

Buddy said, “Let’s put on our disguises so we can go down and talk to the people without scaring them.”

The disguises had spikey yellow hair with gel, gigantic black coats that went all the way down to their feet, sunglasses, and moustaches. Since they each had four arms, it was hard for them to look human, but they tried anyway. As they walked downtown, they saw a scientist who was looking for aliens, but he didn’t notice them.

Juju walked up to a serious looking person who just got off the Coconut Coaster, which everyone knows is the most fun ride in the entire carnival.

“What’s up?” Juju asked the serious lady.

“They destroyed the Spider Coaster, which was way better than the Coconut Coaster,” said the lady.

What happens next?! Who destroyed the Spider Coaster? Will Juju and Buddy be able to fix the Spider Coaster? Why is everyone in Las Vegas so serious? Finish the story yourself, and send it to [email protected].

The Taco That Ate Everything

By the students of Animation Station, one of 826CHI's amazing workshops. The Taco That Ate Everything is a terrifying reminder to eat healthy.

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And the Rest Is Noise

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