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Who Wants Love

From When The Carnival Is Closed
by Quinn Wells, Grade 4

Love is a great thing because it’s made out of hearts and beauty and prettiness and handsomeness and awesomeness. And POW!

Loves goes slow. Love is ridiculous. Love is fast like a pony with a wizard costume on and a green mustache. Love is sad. Love is crazy. Love is around the world. Love is a deck of cards. Family Love is happy and cool—boyfriend and girlfriend Love is yuck and nasty.

When it comes to love, a man has to have a job, a good diploma, and has to have an eight-pack. And he has to cook and has to look handsome. He probably has to be in his thirties.

Ode to Rocks

From When The Carnival Is Closed

By Michael Noonan, Grade 5

Rocks, how nice you are!
Others are not as hard.
Cold as a metal chair you can be.
Know once, in your time, you had moved—
Some were made before organisms were.

Minerals, how important you are!
I need them, but how do I?
Everyone has had minerals,
every piece a different shape and size,
rare to find any one that ever was given any.
All minerals in different types of foods—
Left leg bones and other bones need calcium, which is one, too.
Some foods are less some and more.

And there is one more.
No one knows this one—
do you know what’s next?

Gems can be cut to size:
emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and more.
Most gems are not precious, like quartz.
Some are, though, like pink diamonds. 

I’m Interested in What You Have to Say

From When the Carnival is Closed
by Kassandra Virola, Grade 3

Dear Selena Gomez,

My name is Kasi. My favorite sport is ping-pong. My favorite subject is all of them.

Selena, you are a good famous person. You are my favorite pop star and I can’t wait for your new episode of Wizards vs. Angels. I’m writing a letter to you because I’m interested in what you have to say. And I like your songs.

I also like to draw. I wish I could draw myself. I am your biggest fan because I watch Wizards of Wizardly Place.

I want to know, when is your birthday? I want to know, when were you born? I want to know if your family speaks Spanish. I want to know, what’s your favorite language? Also, what’s your favorite song and favorite food? My favorite song is “Round & Round” and my favorite food is pizza.


The Greatest Grease Story Ever

From When the Carnival is Closed

By Dionne Beals, Grade 4

One day, there was a man name Danny. His last name was Zuko. What do you think that name is from? I will give you a hint. It’s from a movie. It’s from Grease.

Danny’s hair is black and in braids. He is hot and romantic and he has a six-pack. He is eleven feet tall. And he's good at break dancing. His favorite is white and black. He wears a white t-shirt and his leather black jacket. He also wears black pants and all-star shoes.

One day, Danny was walking and he saw a smoking hot woman. She was ten feet and was a little weak and a little strong. She wore poodle skirts, and she was a great ice skater. Her hair was blonde. And she was in the Pink Girl club. Her favorite color was pink and white.

Danny ran to her and said, “What shaking, lady?”

She said, “Nothing’s shaking for you, baby.” Then, it was nighttime and he went to sleep.

The next day, Danny saw the woman and her name was Sandy. Her last name was Dee.

Danny said, “My name is Danny, Danny Zuko. Zuko is my last name.”

Sandy laughed, and then Danny said, “I will pick you up at 7:00pm.”

She said, “How do you know I was going to say yes?”

Danny said, “Yes.”

Sandy said, “Sure. Bye.”

Danny said “Bye.”

After Sandy left he said, “Yes yes yes YES!”

It was 7:00pm. Danny went to the steps of Sandy’s house and rang the doorbell.

He said, “I brought you some flowers.” 

The flowers were a bunch of red roses.

Sandy said, “They are beautiful.” She went to go put the flowers in a pot.

Danny was wearing a black suit. His shoes were black, his tie was red, and his hair was smoothed down. Sandy was wearing a black dress.

Danny said, “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you, you look nice.” Sandy said.

Danny asked, “Are you ready to go?”

Sandy said, “Where are we going?”

He said, “Where going to Red Lobster.”

She said, “Yes! I love Red Lobster.”

He said, “Me too.”

After they ate, Danny took Sandy home. He looked into her eyes and said, “You have beautiful eyes.”

She said, “Thank you.” Then he kissed her on the lips—xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx—for minutes.

She said, “Wow, thanks.”

Then he said, “I guess we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

She said, “I guess we are. Bye. x”

He said, “Bye. x”

But his house key was in the car then Sandy had to come to help. Then looked each other in the eye and they knew they were meant for each other.


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