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University of Kansas Alternative Spring Breaks

March 20th—

We're so grateful to these 17 students from The University of Kansas who joined us for a week of service—they mined 10 years' worth of our student publications for poetry gold, swept and mopped and Clorox-ed and Magic Erase-ed, and supported our In Schools, Tutoring, and Field Trip programs.

Thanks to each of you for dedicating your spring breaks to 826CHI and our students. I think we can all agree: the Jayhawk looks even better with a monocle. Rock Chalk!

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Save the Date: My So-Called Prom

March 19th—

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 9th826CHI Presents: My So-Called Prom. Party like it’s 1990-1999 at the DANK Haus, all to benefit 826CHI’s programs!

Ticketing and additional information forthcoming. For now, dust of your Doc Martens, see if your Zubaz still fit, and practice slowdancing to Boyz II Men. We’ve invited Jared Leto to show up and break everyone’s heart, so wear your best puka shell necklace.

Let the costume brainstorming begin!

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Window Signage!

March 18th—

Our shiny windows now have beautiful vinyl signage, thanks to Thomas Quinn of Blank Is The New Black and Custom Sign Consultants Inc.

Stop by The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. (now that you can tell which store it is) and say hello!

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Thank You, Peet’s!

March 14th—

Many thanks to Peet’s Coffee & Tea for their continued support of 826CHI programs, and for the mountains of coffee to sustain our staff, volunteers, and visitors.
Here’s what our students had to say >>

-"Peet's coffee gives people the power to run fast. Alfred Peet wanted people to walk faster so they can get to work earlier." -Jasmine B.

-"I love it & it's kind of weird...your coffee gives me the ability to know what other people are thinking in their mind.” -Yesenia M.

-“It tastes like unicorn’s horns.” -Yureli F.

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Voice of Witness at 826CHI

March 11th—

The Voice of Witness Education Program will be hosting an informal gathering at 826CHI next Monday, March 16, at 6:30pm. This organization uses oral history to illuminate contemporary human rights crises in the U.S. and around the world. We’ll be discussing storytelling, teaching social justice, and more. Free and open to the public. RSVP here >>

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