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November 26th—

This season, and in anticipation of ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬, we're inviting our supporters to share what growing up means to you, using only four words.

Follow the hashtag ‪#‎ForwardsInFourWords‬ to see what others have shared, and contribute your own >>

Read more about this project at

Small Business Saturday

November 26th—

Citizens of Chicago: The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. requests your continued allegiance on Small Business Saturday! Stop by 1276 N Milwaukee Ave between the hours of 11am and 6pm, and snag some cryptic gifts for your loved ones—all while supporting local business and 826CHI.

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Scrabble for Cheaters: Fundraising Incentive

November 25th—

Scrabble nerds and swindling scoundrels: INCENTIVE ALERT (one-time only!)

From now until 5pm on Sunday, December 7th, all funds raised will count for DOUBLE when you purchase cheats:

$25 from your little brother >> purchase the NON-CON (a $50 value)
$50 from your grandma >> purchase THE KOSHKA (a $100 value)
Etc, etc, etc

Register today >>

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Chapbook Release Party: Imaginary Lands

November 24th—

Our After-School Tutoring & Writing students’ first chapbook of the school year follows an Imaginary Lands theme. Students have created their own countries, including details like its national anthem, population, flora and fauna, the role of government and laws, celebrities of note, and local customs. Local artists have created maps of these imaginary lands, which will accompany our students’ writing—like in Chronicles of Narnia or Game of Thrones.

A few examples of Imaginary Lands included: Unicornapolois, Stickfigula, Woodland, Peanut Land, Aqua Land, and Muffin Land, which, according to 2nd grader Neftali, “It’s nowhere but your head.”

We’ll kick off the evening with a community potluck (HOMEMADE FLAUTAS, Y’ALL), followed by readings from our student-authors. This is our first book release in our new home and we’re so excited to pack the room in support of our amazing students. Come one, come all! Join our Facebook event >>

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#INTERNviews: Neeka and Katie

November 21st—

In this final (!) installation of #INTERNviews, Katie and Neeka discuss their celebrity look-a-likes, tandem bike rides with famous authors, and a Very Swayze Thanksgiving.

Name: Neeka Stewart
Code Name: Neekachu
Intern track and future goals: I am a Volunteer & Outreach Intern. I coordinate volunteer shifts and make sure our lovely tutors and volunteers are approved and ready to help out here at 826CHI!

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
I get mistaken for Beyoncé sometimes but only by people who clearly don't know what she looks like, because let's be honest, she is flawless!

If you could ride on a tandem bike with one author from history, living or dead, who would it be?
If I could ride a tandem bike into the sunset with J.K Rowling and talk about Harry Potter forever, I'd be pretty darn happy.

Best Thanksgiving memory?
We always had Thanksgiving at my Aunt Karen's house with my whole extended family and if I was lucky, my big cousins would let me play their video games! Oh, and the yummy food, of course!

6-word memoir:
Always looking for a fun adventure!


Name: Katie Watts
Code Name: Quinn Peters. This was my pen name when I was a kid, writing mystery stories on my typewriter.   
Intern track and future goals: Communications. (If you don't "like" this, I'll know.) Right now I’m working on my master's in nonprofit management. I think as long as I’m working with creative people in a creative environment I’ll be happy.

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Who would play you in the movie version of your life? 
I get compared to Kristen Wiig about once a week. I think she should play me, because she’s hilarious, self-deprecating, super awkward, and a total babe (obviously). I'd offer Bill Murray a cameo. I'm still waiting for one in real life.

If you could ride on a tandem bike with one author from history, living or dead, who would it be?
Kurt Vonnegut. We’d wear tweed, and I would take him on a picnic.

Best Thanksgiving memory?
Last year, some friends and I had "a Very Swayze Thanksgiving." Pie and Point Break? Road House and stuffing?! Come on. (We're reviving it this year. Dirty Dancing and crescent rolls, anyone?)

6-word memoir:
La dee da, la dee da

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