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Please note: Priority enrollment for Workshops will be reserved for students who live in the City of Chicago and are from low-income families and/or are English Language Learners. We ask that parents who enroll their children in the Workshops self-identify as low-income and/or have children who are ELL's.

Poets in Revolt!

The pen is mightier than the sword; there's no better evidence of this than the poetry behind social movements. In this workshop we'll examine poems from the labor movement to third wave feminism. And course, we'll be crafting our own "daggers" too. If you think poetry and revolt are where it's at, this Workshop has your name on it. And if you think poetry isn't interesting this Workshop still has your name on it - prepare to be proven wrong!

Ola Faleti is a dedicated volunteer and published author. She has led the workshop "Aliens, the Apocalypse, and Activism," at 826CHI this year, and she is also a member of 826CHI's Volunteer Engagement and Support Team.

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Four Sessions:
March 11th, March 18th, March 25th, and April 1st

Time: 10 am-noon

Taught by: Ola Faleti

Limited to: 10 students grades 6-9

Write with Pride: An LGBTQ Writing Workshop

Join 826CHI for a Workshop that uses writing to explore what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ community in America today. If you identify as LGBTQ, know someone who does, or are simply interested in the topic, then you have a story brewing inside you! We will explore the genres of memoir, poetry, and personal essay as we revisit transformative moments in our personal history and consider the formation of our value and belief systems. At the end of the workshop, each student will receive a chapbook that contains their work, alongside the work of their classmates.

Instructor bio: Molly Sprayregen has studied creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University. Teaching writing to young people is one of her favorite things in the entire world. She has extensive experience as a writing tutor, and once upon a time, she was even an intern at 826CHI! Her weaknesses include goldfish crackers and really cute puppies.

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Three Sessions:
Saturdays: March 18th, March 25th, and April 1st

Time: 3:30-5:30 pm

Taught by: Molly Sprayregen

Limited to: 10 students in grades 7-12

Story Hours #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

In this one-session Workshop, experienced and dedicated 826CHI volunteers will host storytime for your little ones! We will read a beautiful and amazing picture book, discuss the story, then create a fun craft related to the book.

Please note: Story Hour takes place five SEPARATE times this fall. Please mark on the registration form which date(s) your child will be attending.

Story Hour #1 // February 11th 
Story Hour #2 // February 18th 
Story Hour #3 // February 25th 
Story Hour #4 // March 11th
Story Hour #5 // May 13th

Instructor bios: Kara Thorstenson has been a children's librarian and technology educator for over ten years. 826CHI's Story Time was her bread and butter until she transitioned to working with older students. She is excited to get back to her roots and share beautiful picture books and activities with your child!

Ashley Kolpak is dedicated a volunteer at 826CHI and a member of our Volunteer Engagement and Support Team. She is thrilled to bring her care and enthusiasm to our Story Time workshop.

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Five Separate Sessions:
Saturdays: February 11th, February 18th, February 25th, March 11th, and May 13th

Time: 1:00-2:00pm

Taught by: Ashley Kolpak (Sessions 1 and 2) and Kara Thorstenson (Sessions 3, 4, and 5)

Limited to: 15 students in Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Animation Station

Animation Station provides an introduction to stop motion animation using a variety of materials to create short videos in this popular art form.  Bring into motion drawings, Legos, and clay figures you create in the workshop.  826CHI provides the materials, the cameras, the programs, and helpful adults while you supply the imagination.  We will end with an open house for family and friends so they can see your work.

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Three Sessions:
Saturdays: February 11th, February 18th, and February 25th

Time: 10 am-noon

Taught by: David Miller

Limited to: 12 students in grades 4-8

Adaptation: Novels to Movies Winter/Spring 2017

How do our favorite books become our favorite movies? What elements of a story must remain intact across mediums for that story to bear the same title? To find out, dive into the exciting world of adaptation! Students will learn about the process of turning original prose into a fresh, original screenplay. This workshop is perfect for students who imagine stories in terms of dialogue and visual images, and young people who struggle to pick a side in the classic Books vs. Movies debate: no longer will they have to choose just one!

Courtney Eathorne is a playwright and publications intern at 826CHI. Her editorial and design work has made 826CHI's high quality books this year possible, and her energy inspires our students every week.

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Three Sessions:
February 11th, February 18th, and February 25th

Time: 2:30 pm-4:30 pm

Taught by: Courtney Eathorne

Limited to: 12 students grades 7-12


Unlock the secrets of playwriting and write an original ten-minute play in this action-packed workshop that includes a theatrical mix of acting, improvisation, games, and even some art and music. The workshop’s grand finale is a reader’s theater production of each new play performed by local Chicago actors.

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Six Sessions:
March 18th, March 25th, April 1st, April 22nd, April 29th, and May 6th

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm

Taught by: Debra Mitchell

Limited to: 12 students in grades 5-8

How to Make a Podcast Episode

Details: Do you love 826CHI stories?! Learn to share them with others through podcasting! In this workshop students will read and record a selection of favorite 826CHI stories. Students will learn to write and record original story reviews, interviews, or mock-commercials and use other podcasting techniques for creating an original 12 to 15 minute episode family and friends will want to hear.

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April 22nd, April 29th, and May 6th:
Three Sessions

Time: 10 am-noon

Taught by: Pamela Rogers

Limited to: 10 student in grades 3-5