Forget everything you know about high school prom—itchy dresses and stifling cummerbunds, awkward boutonniere pinning, and that time all your friends got to take a limo but you got stuck with your grandma's Oldsmobile...

...Because 826CHI is putting on ONE PROM TO RULE THEM ALL1. This year's theme is Promic-Con, so prepare your bodies for a night of absolute magic via the shameless celebration of all things fandom2. Mark your calendars: Saturday, April 27th, from 8pm to midnight—and we've secured the School of the Art Institute Ballroom (!!!) (112 South Michigan Avenue). So.

Pull your cape out of storage,
Dust off your dress robes3,
Align yourself Chaotic Neutral4,
Find yourself some red underpants5 (or maybe a red bow tie6),
And prepare to find your OTP7.

Come dressed in all manners of fandom (or secondhand formal-wear) for a night of cosplay, geeking out, silent auctioning, caricature-drawing, raffling, (free) drinking, and DANCING. Tickets are $40 for one, $75 for two, and $45 each at the door, and includes a whole night's worth of free drinks and food (scroll down to purchase). All proceeds from the event benefit 826CHI's free writing programs for thousands of Chicago students.

Ship8 yourself with all the nerds at this year's Promic-Con--April 27th at the SAIC Ballroom. Allons-y9!

1. Lord of the Rings: "One Ring to rule them all, etc."
2. The community surrounding a TV show/movie/book/comic, whose faithfulness knows no bounds (see: Disney/Star Wars drama).
3. Regardless of how strong their likening is to Ron's atrociously frilly vesture in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."
4. The Dungeons & Dragons alignment which allows you to act on your whims; following your heart and shirking tradition.
5. A trend within BBC [UK]'s Sherlock fandom depicts Dr. John Watson in red pants/underwear in their fan art.
6. Doctor Who's title character wears a red bow tie whenever an episode takes place in the future.
7. "One True Pairing" - a phrase used to articulate which characters work well together (or you might pick to "ship" (short for "relationship")).
8. Usually, you "ship" two characters. You could also "ship" (align romantically) yourself with a character/real human.
9. A French phrase (meaning "let's go!") often used by the Tenth Doctor.

For the E.T. cosplayer or urban cyclist, one lucky raffle ticket will send a Promic-Con attendee home with a new bike! Behold, the GT Performer 26.

We're also raffling off two 3-day passes to Lollapalooza, and two 3-day passes to Pitchfork. Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20, available for purchase at Promic-Con or through The Boring Store beforehand (773-772-8108). You need not be present to win!

We have more than 30 incredible items available for bid in our silent auction. View the artfully-curated packaged items here, and the individual items here. Bidding begins the moment you strut through the Ballroom doors. Winners will be announced 'round 11:30.