****UPDATED 7/26

Due to the prospect of a perilous (read: miserable) August heat index, we're postponing this fine event until we can all enjoy a daiquiri on the porch without sweating profusely. Standby, Agents, and keep reading for the briefing of your soon-to-be mission.


Something's awry in Wicker Park and your espionagial prowess is imperative. Skulk, scurry, and scavenge about the neighborhood, tracking down clues and locating unmarked hideouts.

But beware! Competing agencies will be on the prowl, and duplicity abounds! While your typical "scavenger hunt" has much to do with brains, athleticism, and luck, our Clandestine Quest throws in a most dastardly twist--cheating.

To ensure your rightful victory, come with cash-in-hand to select a healthy bundle of officially sanctioned cheats, the purchases of which ensure your victory and allow 826CHI to continue providing free writing programs to Chicago's youngest allies.


Prior to the Quest, agents will ally themselves with others to comprise agencies (teams) of 2-4 participants. Each agency will be listed on this web site: www.826chi.org/quest. Friends, family members, and former child actors can view teams' profiles and donate to the agencies of their choosing. It is to each team's benefit to solicit as many donations as humanly possible so that, come Quest day, they can purchase the most cheats and annihilate the competetion (and help the children).

Funds can be donated through the site, brought to the competition day-of, or sent via trustworthy postal agents to 826CHI's residency. For the list of cheat offerings, sneak over to the[Currency Exchange].

The Clandestine Quest mission is somewhat akin to CBS'S The Amazing Race; teams deduce clues throughout multiple legs of the competition, navigate themselves through physical and mental challenges at checkpoints, and feverishly smooth crumpled maps whilst dodging speeding cars (in this sense, it is also quite like Frogger). However, teams will not be eliminated at checkpoints for being too slow. Also, the Quest will probably not reveal massive fissures in your personal relationships as 10 million viewers watch, mouths agape.

The Clandestine Quest will consist of two legs. At the beginning of the first leg, teams will gather in the Quest HQ (location TBD) and receive a sheet of clues/tasks. Obtain the mission's requisite number of points by successfully answering clues/completing tasks, and your agency will be safely admitted inside the first checkpoint.

At the checkpoint, teams will complete a challenge in order to receive the next clue sheet, the completion of which will carry them through the final leg and into the final checkpoint. Completion of the final challenge signals the terminus of the race, at which point the team with the least amount of chronos time expired will be deemed the winner. They will receive contgratulations and a first-rate prize. The second team will receive a second-rate prize, and the third place team will receive a third-rate prize.

ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE praise and adulation from the entire 826CHI community for helping our students succeed. ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL ALSO RECEIVE a t-shirt. ALSO, each individual who raises $150 will be given a wristband at the safehouse (location TBD) for free drinks and mutual back-pattings once the mission is complete.


Chicago Wicker Park and Bucktown, In this General Vicinity.


Saturday, August 10: Begins at 2pm.

Here is a flow chart, in case your brain likes adorable doodles rather than lots of words:

Still have more questions? Email Agent Nutella Sunshine.


Registration is now open!

Click the button below to register your agency. Cost is $60 per team and includes a t-shirt. Within 24 hours of your registration, you will receive an email outlining the next steps of your Quest.


No rules. Just right.* Right? Wrong. Well, kind of.

Mostly, if not 100%ly, our rules will align with the rules of the city (AKA laws).

In addition, teams/agencies must consist of 2, 3, or 4 participants.

Each agency must have a name.

Participants must be at least 21 years of age.

Phones (both smart and dumb) will be permitted, and transportation will be at one's own peril (as always).

*®Outback Steakhouse. Outback is not a sponsor of this event. If you are Outback Steakhouse or have ever eaten a Bloomin' Onion®, please consider supporting this event. 


(may vary slightly )


Checkpoint Evasion. At any time during the race you can elect not to complete the necessary clues/obtain the necessary points, and can jump straight to the next list of clues (Each Evader only works for 1 leg. Limit 1 per agency.)


Make another agency upset. Slash half their points when they arrive at a checkpoint, necessitating their retreat to redo clues.


Protect yourself from any Molassesing agents. Good for whole game. Does not protect against Sad-botage.


Each clue sheet (again, you'll get 2 over the course of the game) will have some bad information on it, sending you to find clues that don't exist or won't give you any points. You may find out too late. Mole protection is good for one leg. Can be purchased up to 2 times.


Skip the challenge at a check point. (May be used once. Can be purchased up to 2 times.)


Decode a clue sheet. The coded clue sheet will not be difficult to decode, but will be moderately time consuming. Since the Quest is a race against the clock, it is advantageous to hustle along. DECODE may only be used once, but can be purchased twice.


Add time onto the final time of opposing agency (exact amount of time TBD, but you'll get your money's worth).


Find your favorite Clandestine Agency below and click their name to read more about them. Support them with your top-secret donation.

So as not to arouse suspicion, agency fundraising totals are only updated once daily. Fundraising totals were last updated at 17:51 CST, 18 June, 2013.

C.H.E.A.T//Committee to Hunt, Entrap, And Trick
Dastardly Ninja Wasps
Table Donkey and Stick



If you would like to become a sponsor of this event, please email Jeanne or call (773) 772-8108.