The Store

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Psst! 826CHI shares its space with The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. (formerly the Boring Store)—run by the neighborhood's only spy supplyists, outfits its spy-entele with the latest and greatest in espionagical wares. All funds raised through sales in the store go to support 826CHI's free programming.

Our Secret Agent Supply Co.'s brick and mortar shop is certainly the place to visit if you’re in desperate need of a grappling hook, a book to read on a long stakeout, messenger pigeon feed, or a t-shirt. We encourage you to – at your stealthiest – sneak on over here.

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We’re hiding in the shop

noon to 5pm: Sunday & Monday
11am to 6pm: Tuesday through Saturday 

Send inquiries thisaway.

Fear of being followed or away on assignment?

Many of our finest clients, like yourself, are often out of the country on mundane business that in no way involves international espionage and intrigue. We have received many encrypted letters demanding that our store create outposts in Istanbul, Minsk, Cape Town, Shanghai, and Evansville, Indiana. We pulled together our resources and have opened shops at these and other discreet locations via the interweb. After quadruple-checking your surroundings, click the button to the right and commence commercing.

Your secret purchases cannot be traced back to you!

For those agents worried that the money trail will connect you to your spy supply purchases, fear not! As always, we are filtering the money through 826CHI, the creative writing and tutoring lab in Chicago that brings free programming to local students.