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The Very Evil Rat

THE VERY EVIL RAT was near the garage in his VERY EVIL LAIR (which was a bush). The rat was as big as a stuffed up pencil case. The rat was brownish­whitish (like an oak tree).

What I remembered the most about the scene was that I met the VERY EVIL RAT when I was leaving the front door going to school in fifth grade in LORCA SCHOOL (which is my old school now).  But I only appeared to see just the head of the VERY EVIL RAT, so that meant that I really didn’t get to see the whole body (I estimated the size) of the VERY EVIL RAT. The VERY EVIL RAT was hiding behind his VERY EVIL LAIR (which was a bush) right next to the garage door watching me.

The VERY EVIL RAT SCARED me so I had to throw my backpack to the concrete floor so I could run inside the house way FASTER and look if it was still there. Then I waited for my family to go first. So I could survive.


Once upon a time it was a Tuesday and the earth started to shake—and morse specifically, my land broke in half. I felt like I had a very upset hole in my heart. I was worried about everyone! But, it wasn't going to be like that anymore: I fixed it with my best buds. It was so hard because we had to fix streets, buildings, and houses. So it was like we were building a new Zuniguga. It looke so big; it looked like it was a whole world. It was as big as a gigantic mall!

Construction buddies, I hope you are all happy now because I had to save my land from the people here. Now that we are safe in our land, I am going to have a president in charge or maybe the owner of Zuniguga, which is me! Isn't that amazing? It's like someone coming to protect a town. OK, now that we have a White House, I'm going to hire some people to do a job. But the conflict is who in the world is going to be my boyfriend? So how about let me pick him—I know a friend of mine, Rafael. I'm going to be the president. Yes!

Sweet Jam In Las Vegas

Sweet Jam was in Las Vegas. Las Vegas was a city without candy. The people who saw Sweet Jam didn’t know what he was.

Sweet Jam is a friendly M&M but everyone thinks he is a jelly bean. He sleeps on a cloud–any kind of cloud. No one gets to tell him what to do, because he is the only M&M superhero there is in the world! He is the only one in the world but he is happy and not lonely because he helps people. Sweet Jam gives the people all the candy.

The people of Las Vegas didn’t have any candy, but Sweet Jam had candy for them and they tried it and learned how to make it: lollipops, jelly beans, and Skittles. Sweet Jam magically made candy in his hands. He held his arms out straight in front of him and the candy came out and everyone got to taste! The candy just flew and shot straight out! 

“Thank you,” the people said.

Sweet Jam flew away.

Leah’s Land in Minnesota

Welcome to Leah’s Land. This place is called Leah’s Land because I always wanted something named after me, and I just wanted to think of something plain. My world can only have spring and summer.

You can only be named Leah, Maya, Emylee, or Ellie to enter Leah’s Land. You have to sleep in Leah’s Hotel. Leah’s Hotel has Minecraft walls and toilets, and has a school that is called Leah’s Sky School where you can learn to fly. You eat Leah Sky Sushi, Leah Sky Pizza, and Leah Pancakes for breakfast. You can travel to Leah’s Land by renting cars at Leah’s Car Rental.

There is a city in Leah’s Land. The city is named St. Cloud. If you look at the city, you can see a lot of skyscrapers that are as high as the Willis Tower made out of strong purple plexiglass. One side of the glass is tinted and the other side is not. The inside of the skyscraper has purple walls and blue floors and pink ceilings. The walls have a lot of Monet paintings.

The Monet paintings use bright colors and the pictures are 3D. The 3D makes it look like you are in the picture. And there are a lot of Leah lamps with my face on them. My floor is made out of carpet and I live in every building.

Leah’s flag is purple because that is my favorite color. It has nine stars because of my age and shows my face in the middle. It is going to symbolize Leah’s Land. In conclusion: I hope you enjoyed the tour. We would love to see you here Leahs, Emylees, Mayas, and Ellies.

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