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The Family of Three

We are like brother and sister.
And sometimes we become upset at my father, mister.
We both love Greek Mythology.
But at the same time, we feel for biology.
We both strive to help us get better.
And for others, it seems that they send letters.
This is a poem of me and my mom.
Even others agree that she is the bomb.

Downtown Chicago

Downtown, Chicago.
There are lots of fun things there.
Big things and small things.

How ‘bout the big things,
like boats that go round and round
and make you dizzy.

Like the bumper carts,
That make you go bump, bump, bump.
Here comes another.

Things that reach the sky,
Like the high ferris wheel
Let’s go one more time.

Or the small blue lakes,
Where little boats go a float
and birds land on them.

White Sox Poem

Place: White Sox Stadium
Good qualities: food, showers, baseball, sun, weather, family, excitement, free stuff.

The sun is out, the bats are high,
On the bases stand baseball guys.
And if you get really hot, don’t sweat,
the showers will make you cool and wet.
Food, excitement, family and friends,
the awesome stuff may never end.
This stuff makes all the games fun. Awesome!
They just hit a homerun!
The game goes on with hits, and outs,
as the crowd screams and shouts.
The competition is really steep,
but the White Sox will defeat.
Another homerun is hit, followed by shouts and screams,
because it was from the other team.
The game was tied, it was the 10th inning,
Two outs, the bases loaded, and the Sox are up to bat.
If we don’t hit a grand slam,
everyone will be mad about that.
The ball is thrown, the bat is swung,
the ball flies in the air.
I lean in really close, I’m at the end of my chair.
A few people start to stand up tall,
and it flies right past the stadium wall.

Happy Birthday Chicago!!! Brookfield Zoo

The place I like the most is Brookfield Zoo. Brookfield Zoo is a zoo that has lions, tigers, polar bears, monkeys, giraffes, bats, and dolphin shows. Dolphins in the dolphin show did backflips, and people stood on the dolphins. They were splashing the crowd. They also ate fish, which the trainers gave to them. Bats tried to bite many people, but hit their teeth on the glass. I kept on thinking they were vampire bats. The room was super dark. I was hard to see in the darkest room in the whole wide world. The tigers kept on walking like the way security people do. Lots of the lions looked as if they were princesses. They reminded me of cats laying on the sofa.

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