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Who Wants Love?

Love is a great thing because it's made out of hearts and beauty and prettiness and handsomeness and awesomeness. And POW!

Love goes slow. Love is ridiculous. Love is fast like a pony with a wizard costume on and a green mustache. Love is sad. Love is crazy. Love is around the world. Love is a deck of cards. Family Love is happy and cool. Boyfriend and girlfriend love is yuck and nasty.

When it comes to love, a man has to have a job, a good diploma, and has to have an eight-pack. And he has to cook and has to look handsome. He probably has to be in his 30s


Kait and Patrick are the good zombies. The good zombies are green, five feet tall, and have hair. Bad zombies are red, 10 feet tall, and bald. The bad zombies wanted war in Zombie Land. All zombies have hands and feet. Their house is on the gigantic mountain. The bad zombies wanted the house too because there’s a shower with a TV in it. The good zombies and bad zombies started a fight over the house.

Then the principal good zombie, Barack Obama, and the principal bad zombie, came to stop the fight but nobody listened. They asked all the zombies to go home for 100 days in a haunted house with ghosts, aliens, bad zombies, and mummies. 10,000 bad zombies and the nice zombies were fighting with the other monsters!!

The good zombies won—hooray!

Journey to the Mystery

The Grandpa is thinking about going to the moon with all his 5 children. Miles, Madison, Gina, Marley, and Bill loved the idea! They said, “Grandpa! OK! We’re ready!” So they all got in Grandpa’s car, which, when you hit a red button, turned into a spaceship. Then they fly to the moon, then their rocket boosters evaporate, but the car is still intact. There is a goat. She is a goat mother, the biggest of them all. Then there was a moving star named Miles because Michael threw him up into space. Then a bear threw Michael into space. They are the Miles and Michael Stars. They were human stars.

The family climbed in a porta potty, then they leave the moon. They go home and have cookies and ice cream in Boston, and the back of the car has fire and flames. They fall asleep and wake up feeling like a million dollars.

Inspired by a postcard from a stranger (and his teacher, Michael), as part of the "Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat: Making Up Stories About People We Don't Know" workshop.

Katie the Superhero

One day there was a girl named Katie. She was a superhero. She had lots of super powers like laser eyes and rocket booster shoes and a lipstick taser and lastly a purse broom. She was on vacation in Iceland but she still brought all her tools. She was on a plane and thought she saw a super villain called Marty. When she got off the plane she watched Marty go into a lair. Katie followed Marty. he took off his coat and it was Marty! Katie started to hide, she thought about going to catch him even though it was her vacation. She finally made up her mind, she decided Yes. She used her lipstick taser and her purse to make Marty explode. That night she walked around the town. Suddenly, a giant mean fox was there. Katie was confused. She wondered who did it. She remembered that the only thing that can kill Marty was snow. It took an hour, but she still poured the snow on Marty and he sizzled away. At last she had her vacation. The fox came back so she told him, “You’re a really mean fox.” He said, “Sorry, my creator, Marty, taught me to be bad.”

Inspired by a postcard from a stranger, as part of the "Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat: Making Up Stories About People We Don't Know" workshop.

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