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Happy Birthday Chicago!!! Brookfield Zoo

The place I like the most is Brookfield Zoo. Brookfield Zoo is a zoo that has lions, tigers, polar bears, monkeys, giraffes, bats, and dolphin shows. Dolphins in the dolphin show did backflips, and people stood on the dolphins. They were splashing the crowd. They also ate fish, which the trainers gave to them. Bats tried to bite many people, but hit their teeth on the glass. I kept on thinking they were vampire bats. The room was super dark. I was hard to see in the darkest room in the whole wide world. The tigers kept on walking like the way security people do. Lots of the lions looked as if they were princesses. They reminded me of cats laying on the sofa.

Gamer Machine

I would invent a Gamer Machine that plays games and finishes the whole level and wins the game for me.

The Gamer Machine would be 200 feet tall and its head would touch the ceiling with its feet on the ground. It would be made of gold metal and steel. To use the Gamer Machine, you turn on the switch in the back and then type in the game. It smells like stinky socks and it talks like an angry robot. It costs $202 at the machine store.

Who Wants Love?

Love is a great thing because it's made out of hearts and beauty and prettiness and handsomeness and awesomeness. And POW!

Love goes slow. Love is ridiculous. Love is fast like a pony with a wizard costume on and a green mustache. Love is sad. Love is crazy. Love is around the world. Love is a deck of cards. Family Love is happy and cool. Boyfriend and girlfriend love is yuck and nasty.

When it comes to love, a man has to have a job, a good diploma, and has to have an eight-pack. And he has to cook and has to look handsome. He probably has to be in his 30s


Kait and Patrick are the good zombies. The good zombies are green, five feet tall, and have hair. Bad zombies are red, 10 feet tall, and bald. The bad zombies wanted war in Zombie Land. All zombies have hands and feet. Their house is on the gigantic mountain. The bad zombies wanted the house too because there’s a shower with a TV in it. The good zombies and bad zombies started a fight over the house.

Then the principal good zombie, Barack Obama, and the principal bad zombie, came to stop the fight but nobody listened. They asked all the zombies to go home for 100 days in a haunted house with ghosts, aliens, bad zombies, and mummies. 10,000 bad zombies and the nice zombies were fighting with the other monsters!!

The good zombies won—hooray!

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