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Welcome to Unicornopolis!

Unicornopolis is a city on an asteroid, and it has a rainbow force field so it doesn’t get destroyed. Unicornopolis is inhabited by the greatest rainbow unicorns ever. The plants are made of candy, the sky is a rainbow color, and the ground is made of vanilla wafers.

You can get to Unicornopolis by chanting the ancient unicorn words: “Uni of corn of a one large horn” and that will open a portal in which you throw candy on a night with a full moon. Then you walk into it, and you will appear in a candy fortress. You will be trapped in it with the gumdrop goblin who has a pet rock in his head, and you have to tiptoe out of there in two minutes past traps that make noise to wake it up, so you have to be as silent as possible. If you succeed you will end up on a cotton-candy tree next to a giant lollipop with the unicorn leader, who has a pink wig that was found in the sewer on Earth, and he will give you a piece of candy you will eat. Then you will be able to understand the unicorns when they talk to you—if not, they will sound like cats. Unicornopolis is mostly cotton-candy forest except for the great plains in which the candy castle is. Also the unicorns don’t need to eat to survive, but they still can eat if they want.

Unicornopolis was first a tiny speck of candy left by some humans, and one of the humans left a radioactive stick (now known as the “battery”). The “battery” powered the candy into a candy land with an egg that had a baby unicorn inside, and that baby unicorn started the whole unicorn population. The size of the asteroid that Unicornopolis is on is a little bigger than Earth. There are currently 125,695,091,056,782,413,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unicorns on Unicornopolis, and unicorns are the only creatures (besides the gumdrop goblin) on Unicornopolis. The unicorns have a war every month with pirates, because everyone knows that unicorns and pirates are natural enemies.

The unicorns have high-tech transporters fueled by yukerzaniusbagerdocker juice (orange juice), and that’s how they get around their world. The transporters only warp to somewhere in Unicornopolis or somewhere on Earth unless you decode it. The pirates get to Unicornopolis by using the transporter on Earth.

The pirates and unicorns are natural enemies because 50,000,000,000,015 years ago, during the Great Candy War, when unicorns were fighting over which candy was the best, pirates went into the castle and started eating the candy throne. When the unicorns finally settled on cotton candy (and that’s how they got the candy forest), the unicorns came back to the castle and found the pirates and stopped them from ever eating candy again. The unicorn leader (Sparkleface) said, “I hope you’re all happy now that I have to have a war with the pirates every month.” And that’s why they are natural enemies.

People would want to visit Unicornopolis because legend has it that the unicorn leader can share the gift of endless life with you if you make a peanut brittle shrine for all the elder unicorns and possibly give you the gift of levitating like they do in the war. There is also a candy volcano that erupts candy! And if you eat it you won’t get cavities or get fat! And the local unicorns will give you free unicorn rides, and they will possibly make you one of the criminal crime fighters of the bad unicorns.

Fantastic Fungoland

My imaginary land would be called Fungoland. Fungoland would be filled with rainbow gumdrops, milk-chocolate fountains and oompa loompas. Fungoland stands for Fun and Go Land. Fungo also stands for Fun Land. Fungoland is going to have all different kinds of carnival rides, and all types of dogs and fishes and plushes for carnival-game prizes. Fungoland is going to be the best land ever, even better than Legoland. To get to my land I will go in a boat. It will be a chocolate boat on a chocolate river and the men would have to do the harder things and women would have to do the easier things. There would be a robot who will make sure everybody is doing their job. I will name the robot R2D2 like the Star Wars robot. I will have so many things that you won’t really be able to have in a real, original world.

Fungoland was founded on October 14, 2014. The first governor was Franie. The first people were from Kirkland. They were writers named Fitzgerald, Eggers, Dahl, and Silverstein. They first called it Paint Land. The next people were bakers looking for a better life and a way to earn money for their families and to bring back to their hometown. Fungoland was founded for all people on November 4, 2014. There was a protest because the government didn’t allow the bakers to make a bread stand in the middle of the sidewalk, and the bakers didn’t like it. The government said, “I hope you’re all happy now that we have to allow you to bake anywhere you want.”

After the bakers arrived, the painters and writers didn’t want to share the land. So the painters and writers left and found a new land, because the bakers were going to make all the rules and take over. So, the painters and writers decided to leave and they found a new land they now own it. The bakers ended up staying in Fungoland and helped take over with the government.

What to Do at a Fancy Dinner

Like me, you might be invited to a fancy-schmancy dinner by your best friend. A fancy-schmancy dinner is when a bunch of older people go eat expensive food. They also wear black suits for men and dresses with pearl necklaces and white gloves for the ladies. Now, we all want to look extravagant, not like a girl or boy who has no manners whatsoever. Here are some ways to be fancy! I mean, hey, they worked for me!

1. Smile every single second. If you don’t smile, everyone will think you’re bored or don’t like the food. They’ll definitely be offended.
2. Tutus make everything better. Everybody at dinner will be wearing them!
3. Ask many questions to the servers. They looove questions. Example: “Does this have any sugar? Will I get sick if I eat this too fast? Wanna play tag?”
Speaking of tag…
4. When you think the old people get annoying or boring, ask them if they want to run laps around the building. Keep everyone active.
5. Be sure to spit your food out if you don’t like it. Chefs like to know if you don’t enjoy their food!

Well, if you use all these steps, then you probably… Wait. Now that I think about it, when I did any of these things I got yelled at! Oh well, bye!

A Taste of My Family

Pad thai is a big part of my family’s history. From the scorching hot southern parts of Thailand to here, in the Windy City.

Life was rough for my grandparents. They didn’t have much of anything. When they grew older, they sought out an education, and moved to the United States. Here, they met and got married. Then came my mother, aunt, and uncle.

When my mom was about my age, she would sit by my grandma whenever she cooked. My mom would observe every single spice and ingredient my grandma put into her recipes. Now that my mom’s older, I do the same.

When my mom makes pad thai, I can hear her chopping fresh tofu in the kitchen. The rice noodles go in the frying pan with some garlic, the sizzling like music to my ears. I know that something delicious is about to be made. As soon as the sweet tamarind aroma fills the air, I am almost falling off my chair.

It’s an amazing sensation as I take the first bite. The lime and tamarind mixed together is like a colorful, eye-popping fireworks show. The noodles, fried until they are golden, are bursting with flavor. As steam from the dish rolls up my face, I think of Thailand. I think of my grandparents. The thought of it makes me feel safe and warm.

My mom inspires me to try new things with her cooking. I hope that someday I’ll be able to inspire someone somewhere in the world with something I do well.

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