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Feeling Free

I am a butterfly,
I am a colorful leaf
That looks like a rainbow,
Blue, yellow, purple and pink.
Even though people say I look pretty,
I’ll never forget that I was a hideous caterpillar.
I stare at the skyline everyday,
The lights from the city shine like stars.
I love passing through the clouds.
The world is gigantic.
I feel free when I fly everywhere.
I feel the heat as I go higher.
As I fall, I feel the tension of the cold ground,
where I used to crawl.

The Tree and My Imagination

I couldn’t believe it. Who would have thought there could be a secret passageway going into a tree? I’ve heard that if you dig a hole deep enough you’ll eventually end up in China, but I’ve never heard of anyone creating a hole through a tree.

Right away, I didn’t want to go through the mysterious opening. For all I know, I could end up in Antarctica where my only interaction would be with penguins. I could find myself in the middle of the desert, dying of thirst, where my only hope of survival would be following a camel. Or, I could be stranded in the ocean, where I would eventually be eaten by sharks.

Wait, stop! Why am I thinking about all the negative outcomes? Let’s think positively.

I could end up in a professor’s lab where we’ll build a time machine.
I could be in Italy and enjoy the world’s best pasta.
I could end up on a movie set in 1989.
Or it could just lead me back home.

The tunnel was pitch black. What if I just fell and died and no one found me for three days? Or what if I ended up flying through space and my head exploded?

I picked up an acorn from the ground and listened. The thump was soft if you were listening carefully. Hold on! What if there were spikes at the bottom? It would feel as if I landed on cactuses! However, knowing that I wouldn’t end up in space, I jumped off.

The tree was still dark. I started seeing stars, but as I kept going down clouds started to appear.

“Oh no!” I thought, “I’m falling from the sky.” I closed my eyes, thinking this is the end.

“Welcome to Cloudland!” I heard from behind. I opened my eyes and felt that I had fallen on the softest pillows.

Mom and Me

Me and my mom like the same TV shows (like Sabado Gigante), and we have the same favorite book (The Lost Boy). We also really enjoy going to church. We are alike because we both go to choir. I go now but my mom went when she was little. We also love the same food like steak tacos and chicken wings. Also, me and her also love to be respectful, most of the time. We are also alike because in some occasions, she likes how I dress and how I like how she dresses. Also, I like a juice called Aloe and my mom does too. Me and my mom both like animals, especially dogs. They have to be small though, because we’re both scared of big dogs, especially pitbulls, boxers, and some other scary dogs. We both adore my little chihuahua, Belle.

We’re really different on another hand because we sometimes don’t like the same food. She puts a weird brown thing on burritos but it’s not beans. I like my movies better than my moms. She likes action, I prefer different movies like Lego Movie, Nancy Drew and other adventure, cartoony movies. I also love scary movies. Some of my really favorite scary movies are Scream and Paranormal Activity. My mom hates all of those because she says they all include violence. I also love to play and go on the phone and stuff, but my mom is an indoor person who hates going outside. She also likes dresses. I hate dresses, especially the ones she picks for me and I hate the sparkly ones because they’re really Itchy My pants have to be bootcut. I hate the normal type. My shoes are usually black boots in the winter and feather flip flops in the summer. I also really like drawing and making things for my little girl cousin, my mom enjoys it too, except the making things part.

I think me and my mom could try to like each other’s things. I like the things that she thinks about, like her food opinions. Our favorite color is both red and blue and other colors. Even though me and my mom have differences, we love each other like a bear loves honey.

“My Grandfather’s Name”

My secret code name
is Roberto Alemen The First.

It was my grandfather’s name.
He died right before Super Bowl 49.
He was born 1933 and he died at eighty-two years old.
The only time I saw him was when
I was two years old and the rest of the twelve years
was talking to him on a phone.
I was so devastated.
I had plans to go see him now it’s too late for me.
Now I carry his name in honor of my grandfather
hoping that he has a grandson
that’s the brightest and smartest
and knows that I love him.
R.I.P Grandpa Duermate Rilo.
Know that his son was raised by
the great father / grandfather.
A memory is that
I was walking in my grandma’s ranch
my aunts and cousins then grabbed my mamila.
I sat on the steps then all of a sudden
the doors popped open.

I saw my grandfather with a beautiful white horse.

A heavenly man who rests
with god and
will be a bright angel.

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