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Making Jokes

In the beginning, Edward was a blue and green snake who wanted to make a lot of jokes. Also, he wanted to make his family proud of him.
Edward was in 3rd grade and went to school with his butterfly friends. Their names were Amy, Nick, and Michael. It was recess, and it was a bright day. Afterschool, Amy, Nick, and Michael went to Edward’s house. Edward made a joke: “Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Chicken Chicken.”

“Chicken Chicken who?”

“Chicken Pig.”

Amy laughed, but Nick and Michael made fun of Edward. They said, “You are the pig.” Nick and Michael were being cruel to Edward. Amy was the only one being nice to Edward. The next day, they went back to school on Planet Water, where they lived. It was recess when they started being mean. Nick and Michael were really mean, throwing wood chips at Edward while they were playing tag. Afterschool, Amy wanted to go to Edward’s house, but Nick said “No” because they didn’t like Edward’s friends.

Edward made a joke, and Nick and Michael made fun of him. Edward said, “Why would you do that to me?”

Nick and Michael said, “Because you make the worst jokes.”

Edward, Nick, and Michael were at the playground by Edward’s house.

Edward said, “Please stop because I don’t want to get hurt by you.” Then Edward told the best joke he’d ever made. Everyone liked his joke.

Edward’s second joke was: “Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Banana Banana.”

“Banana Banana who?”

“Banana Dog.”

And after that one, Amy, Nick, and Michael started laughing at Edward’s jokes.

Santa Claus vs. Bad People

It is a clear night in 2016. It is noisy and it smells like smoke from the cars. Santa Claus lives in a big, grand, beautiful house. It is made from gold and stone, it is smooth, and Santa likes every room.

Santa Claus likes to eat fish, cookies, and milk. Santa Claus likes good people the most because most good people give him food. Santa Claus does not like cooking so Santa gets food from good people. Through his magical mirror, Santa Claus sees the problem that bad people are taking over the world. So, if more and more people get bad every year, Santa will have to cook for himself.

Santa has an idea that he will give a present to all the good and bad people. The present will contain a magical spell that will turn all the people into good people. Santa Claus is so magical that he makes the present himself. Santa Claus gives the presents through his magic mirror. The bad peoples' dogs hear Santa, but Santa is safe. Santa’s workers saw Santa and they held their breath.

Once Santa got back, he told his workers, “Just remember to breathe!”

The workers said that they were worried. But Santa reassured them that he was alright, he had an invisibility cloak. The workers were amazed.

Once all the people had opened their presents, they were all good. Santa Claus was relaxed and happy and proud of himself. From then on all the people were good, and it is true that all the people alive are good people, after all.

The Carpet Felt Like Clouds

My earliest memory is when I was three years old
and I was in my house on the floor playing with bubbles.
I could feel the carpet,
I could see the bubble in the air,
I could hear my mom laughing.
I tasted one of the bubbles when it landed in my mouth
and I smelled dinner cooking in the kitchen.
That’s all I remember.
When I saw the bubbles in the air
I stared at them in amazement
because I did not know what they really were.
I felt the soft stairs.
I used to pretend to fall down on them.
I heard the bird chirping.
I tasted the chicken noodle soup that I was eating.
I smelled the sweet chocolate dessert in the air
I finished the soup and as fast as I could
so I could have some warm chocolate cake.
“Mmm.... It’s so good. Can I have some more?” I said.
“Sure, but just a little too much sugar before bed is not good.
I don’t want you bouncing off walls,” Mom said.
“Bouncing off walls?” I said.

Crowded Terminal

I walk down the crowded terminal, my body sweating from being around all the people. I don’t want to be here, how could I let him drag me out here? I push through the massive amount of people, trying to keep up with Oliver as he runs to an open bench. I sit beside him, my head pounding simultaneously with the taps of shoes walking across the floor.I feel a nervous itch take over my body, causing me to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I lose my breath as I see the train pull in, the rush of air messing with my hair, the strands tickling my face. I follow Oliver onto the train, trusting that he knows where he's going. I wait, taking a seat beside him, his cold hand on mine, giving an immediate reaction inside me.

The train comes to a stop, the sounds of a busy city greeting me as we walk out, the smell of coffee the first thing I notice. I breath it in as I stare up, the buildings desperately trying to touch the sky. I walk along the sidewalk, the smell guiding me on. Oliver keeping me close to his side, helping me forget the people and the cars, a strong love coming from the city.

The sun begins to fall, the wind picking up, lights being turned on. I stop and stare, the brightness of it all unnerving me, the warm feeling inside being stripped away. I begin to shake, Oliver pulling me away from the lit street I just can't take my eyes off of.

I feel myself being dragged into another train station, relieved that home was the next stop. I settle down into a seat, trying to help myself calm down, the city escaping the scene. I see more unfamiliar places outside the window, I look over to Oliver, his face showing me something is wrong. He then tells me something I don't want to hear:we’re lost. I take deep breaths, in and out, holding myself as I focus on what is happening and how we got here. I feel the warm touch and soft voice of Oliver, forcing me to calm down. I hear him telling me it was going to be okay, his words going down like soothing tea.

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