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Caught in a Bad Romance

    Once upon a time, there was a superhero named Charles Gaga, the Giant. He was born on the Planet of the Apes, and he had the ability to grow to a huge size and to read minds. Charles also had four eyes, blue hair, green skin, and a dollar sign tattooed on his chest. This was as close as he could get to looking human. Now that he was on earth, he wore his disguise to blend in. The reason he wanted to blend in on Earth is because the food on Earth was far better than the food on his home planet. His favorite food, flying centipedes, had all flown away from the Planet of the Apes when everyone started to eat them to extinction. On Earth, though, Charles Gaga could use his tongue to capture his meals. He settled down in the Amazon forest and ate bugs all day.
    Charles Gaga was being watched, though. There was a scientist named Doctor Alex who lived in a telescope in the middle of the ocean (just under Jamaica), who noticed something strange on his Alie-O-Meter. He was very tall and chubby, and he always wore his evil goggles and hamburger shirt.
    "Hmm, looks like we have a situation," Dr. Alex said. The Alie-O-Meter was mooing and quacking! Dr. Alex said, "That must mean there's an alien nearby." Dr. Alex had spent his entire life trying to prove that aliens existed, and now was his chance. He decided to fly his pet polka-dot beluga whale to the Amazon rainforest to pursue the source of the mooing on the Alie-O-Meter.
    Charles Gaga was in the middle of eating a centipede when he heard the unmistakable sound of a polka-dot beluga whale in the distance. It sounded like a rooster and a monkey combined.
    "Cocka-Eeee-eee-eee!" it said. Charles Gaga knew he was in trouble. The polka-dot beluga whale was the loudest animal in the universe and would scare away all his food. Charles Gaga knew he had to stop the whale before his meal ran away.
     Little did he know that Dr. Alex was riding on top of this particular whale. Charles decided to use his super growing powers and face-off against the whale. He grew larger than the Willis tower and tried to swallow the polka-dot beluga whale in one gulp. But Dr. Alex was sneaky and captured Charles Gaga in a cardboard box he had designed to control aliens. It was labeled: "May Contain Aliens."
     "Hooray, I've captured an alien. It's hamburger time!" Dr. Alex said. Dr. Alex took Charles Gaga to his secret Jamaican lair, where he strapped him into his Huma-tizer machine. When he turned the machine on, Charles Gaga shrunk to human size and became Lady Gaga.
     Dr. Alex broke down crying and asked for her hand in marriage. Lady Gaga just danced. The two former enemies became husband and wife.
     Even though Charles was now Lady Gaga, she never lost her taste for flying centipedes. Together, they lived happily ever after on their centipede farm.


The Scientific Journal of a Professor in Historical Medicines and Herbs of Ancient Egypt


This summer, three colleagues and I travelled by boat to Egypt to study ancient herbs, medicines, and remedies. I had, two months prior, been informed (at two in the morning) about my presence being needed at the excavation site in Egypt. Immediately, I planned my trip and dove into dense books about the background of King Tutankhamun and Lord Carnavon.


On the day of my arrival, my team and I immediately started our research. Moments later we were told that we were mere feet away from where King Tut was

buried. They found a sarcophagus encrusted with jewels and goods. This figure was apparently female, with the words, “All hail the Eternal Queen” written at her feet. Instead of investigating King Tutankhamen, we were transferred to the site of this new “Eternal Queen”. Early in the morning, when we arrived at the site, we were handed gas masks before we got too close, for safety measures. If any toxic fumes were contained in the tomb, we would be protected.


UPDATE! Written in hieroglyphics inside of the sarcophagus was “If you desecrate this tomb, this curse will desecrate you. Your mind, body, and soul will all face eternal agony. Beg for forgiveness or live always in misery.” As a child, I always wrote stories and curses, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually encounter one; I am a highly skeptical person. Before I could start believing in this alleged curse, I needed evidence. The archaeologists pushed us away from the site once we found the message.


It is currently 3:06 a.m. I just got a call from my brother telling me how my grandmother had died moments ago. This doesn’t make any sense, she was so healthy, energetic. I think I will take tomorrow off to deal with my grief.


Today I went back to the site. About half a mile away from the tomb, we have a testing lab, where my colleagues and I are currently working. We have not found any notable details in the site, just deteriorating scraps of cloth and material. However, we have not investigated in depth. We will work harder tomorrow.


Two of my colleagues took off today. James, one of my colleagues, received news that his sister was in a car accident and had died. Alison, my other colleague, found out that her father accidently overdosed on medicine and died. I have overheard multiple conversations on the site about dead or dying loved ones. This seems to be a trend, a deadly trend. Today I couldn’t focus on my work. I kept breaking the lab materials and I fell asleep twice. I still refuse to believe this has anything to do with the curse. This could all be coincidental.


Ingrid, my third colleague, was out today because her brother committed suicide the night before. She said the final note said something about a “curse” he felt was weighing down on him. This whole curse idea is messing with my mind.


I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday. It’s been happening a lot lately--easily explained by anxiety or sickness--but last night was different. I got out of my bed and walked to the bathroom. The mirror was foggy, as if someone had taken a shower. I leaned down to wash my face but when I came back up again, the words, “Beware of the curse” had been written in the fog. Mere seconds later, I jolted awake. It had all been a dream, but moments later I got a call from my brother. Jim, who had been caring for the plants in my home when I was away, told me that all the plants in my house had died. He told me how it didn’t make any sense, that they were perfectly healthy the night before, and as he rambled on, I hung up.

Maybe the curse was real.

Once I got to the site this morning, my colleagues were already there, huddled. They are all younger than me and have always been afraid of me. They informed me that they found something new in the tomb. It was a note, written in hieroglyphics, saying, “Bring me three fantastical wonders and your curse shall be lifted.”


My team said that the note had not been there the night before, but it appeared this morning. This seemed suspicious. Couldn’t someone on the site have just placed it there?

Apparently not. My team tested the paper and it was thousands of years old.


We have decided that in order to find a “fantastical wonder” for the tomb, we must travel to: Atlantis. At first I was skeptical, but Atlantis could bring so many new discoveries and possibilities. This so called “curse” has been messing with my head, and at this point, I would do anything to stop it. We don’t know exactly where Atlantis is. Maybe we don’t need to go to Atlantis at all. This “case” is so utterly baffling.


I haven’t written in a few days, my journey has been too busy. First, my friend, who conveniently lives in Egypt, is the founder of Diver’s Den™, and she supplied my team with diving supplies and submarines. Without her, we wouldn’t have known how to get to “Atlantis”.

Getting back to our journey, we first travelled to the Nile River. After hours of searching, we discovered nothing. The next place we traveled to was the Mississippi River in the United States. We travelled up and down the waters, but still found nothing. Still in the U.S., we researched all the great lakes and found nothing. Finally, after weeks of research, we travelled to Loch Ness, in Scotland. We arrived at the Loch, set up our gear, and put on our diving gear. Almost instantly, when we hit the cold water, I knew this was it.

Somewhere inside of me, I knew.

After about forty-five minutes of swimming, I looked below me and saw a cluster of algae-covered monuments. They were almost like obelisks, but had blocks sticking off here and there. I motioned to my colleagues and pointed to the cluster. We started diving deeper towards it when my colleague James screamed, flailing in the water. The rest of us jolted back to see him hastily swimming towards the surface. The rest of us looked at each other and without communicating, we continued on. Once we got to the cluster, we noticed something gleaming in the center.

The “obelisks” were huge and, up close, there were details like windows and doors; someone could have lived here. My team and I were huddled together, slowly swimming toward the cluster when Alison started screaming. She tried to swim away, but Ingrid grabbed her hand and starting shaking her to get her to stop screaming. Ingrid turned to me and I could see her eyes wide, begging for help. Before I could swim to help her, she pointed to the cluster and motioned me over there.

I swam my way to the middle of the cluster and reached to the gleaming--what seemed to be a jewel--in the center of the cluster. It was slightly under the mud, but came free easily. As soon as I clasped the jewel in my hand I felt a weight lifted off of me. I strapped the jewel onto my diving suit and joined Alison and Ingrid by swimming back to the surface. James was already on land, but he was visibly shaken, along with Alison.


Last night we flew back to Egypt and drove back to the site. We stored the jewel from the Loch Ness safely and, after, we were immediately sent to work. The archaeologists told us our next “mission” and I couldn’t believe it--we were going to space. Throughout this whole time I’ve been here in Egypt, I have not once used my knowledge of herbology. Strange. Anyway, we were sent to a building a few miles away from the site where my colleagues and I needed to design a spaceship. None of us had ever had any experience with spaceships, so we were in the design room for several hours.

At about four in the morning, we produced a logical, planned out spaceship design. A few minutes later, we all fell asleep and stayed asleep until late in the evening. Both my colleagues and I have no idea why we went to Atlantis or why we were going to the moon. The head archaeologists have still refused to tell us why. All they say is something about riddles. We are scientists, I don’t know why we are putting our lives on the line because of some riddles.


Last night, I came to a realization. This curse means nothing. Nothing at all.

For a long time this curse has been messing with my head, with my colleagues’ heads. We are adults. We are scientists, we should know better. We are allowing this curse to mess with us. We ARE the curse. We had the choice to acknowledge this myth and this story, and we did. I cannot stand it anymore. I am on the brink of insanity. I’m hallucinating and losing the ability to sleep. I can’t eat anything, I can’t focus on my work. My life at the moment is one big mess. I feel no reason to continue living at all, but I must. If I stop living, if I die right now, I will have let the curse win.

But I won’t. We need to win this. When I go to work tomorrow I’m telling my colleagues what I think. I might be crazy, I might be insane, but I will think what I think. The only real thing stopping us from defeating this curse is us.


Today I told my colleagues what I thought. They looked at me like I was insane. I told the head archaeologists and they had the same reaction. They are still travelling to the moon. They still believe in the curse. After taking a couple minutes away from the site alone, I know what I need to do.


I’m on my way back to Oregon, back to my home. I refuse to continue on that travesty of a mission. I honestly pity those people back at the site. So gullible, so naive.


I believe. I believe. I BELIEVE

I BELIEVE. I. Believe. I B







I believe I BELIEVE.

                        I BELIEVE!                      


STOP                            STOP                                STOP   




This is no longer Zoe speaking. This is no longer your ‘dear scientist’. This is no longer a ‘logical, happy, awake’ scientist speaking. DO not worry. She is not here anymore. Instead, it I, the Eternal Queen.


This was the final entry of the scientist. A few days later, her body was found on her bathroom floor. She seemingly overdosed on pills. The excavation and discoveries have been stopped in Egypt, never to be started again. Studies on her body have found that this young scientist went insane and had been insane ever since she started working at the tombs. A funeral service will be held soon, once her body is cremated. One more strange feature they had found on the body was that she had carved a drawing of a third eye onto her forehead before she died, but no blade was ever found.

July 16th

On my birthday, July 16th, my mom bought pepperoni pizza. She put a big slice on a big plate. I ate it all. The pepperoni pizza felt soft, and it was good. My mom bought a cake and bought a present. The cake was made of chocolate, and it was fluffy like a pillow. I was happy. My mom bought a cat. My birthday was fun and great!

Me and My Mom

Me and my mom like to
laugh, because people are funny.
My mom and me like money.
We like to be funny with money.

Whenever my mom and me are together,
we like to talk and walk.
Sometimes when we walk and talk,
we forget our socks.

My mom and me like watching movies,
because it keeps us from getting gloomy.

Movies are our favorite,
because they are relaxing.
A groovy movie makes us laugh.
and gives us ideas for arts and crafts.

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