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Giant Furry

Once upon a time, I heard something in the woods. It was really loud. It sounded like the stomping of a big dinosaur’s foot. It was so loud my parents woke up. We lived near the woods, that’s why it was so loud. But then my parents fell back asleep. I got out of my bed and went outside. When I opened the door I saw something big but I couldn’t see it well. So then I ran to the kitchen to get a flashlight and a broom. Then I ran back and it was still there.

When I turned on the flashlight, it was a giant, furry, giraffe-looking creature. It wasn’t scared of me, so I got close to it and petted it, and I gave it a name. It was Furry. I noticed he liked that name because he started jumping around. He let me on his back and we climbed a mountain. When we reached the top of the mountain we were above the clouds. It was so cool and I was so amazed, but I was tired. Then a few moments later I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was in my bed. I looked out the window and it was open.

I saw a piece of fur that Furry left. Then I figured out it wasn’t a dream, it was real life.


When I am alone, I dream of nebulae;
interstellar matter
embracing open clusters
of newborn young stars waiting
for their place in constellations. I envy
the way the stars are never cold or alone
or how they know they’ll become useful
someday and possibly become a breakthrough
for the scientists
exploring for solutions
to the mysteries in life. To them, the answer
could be found in gas clouds
full of colors
found in an overly enthusiastic
kindergartner's pencil case.

Dear kid
who excitedly bought the 64 pack of crayons:
I hope you connect the dots
to your constellation.
And while you’re at it, I kindly request
that you draw one for me too.

When I dream of nebulae, I become aware
I am alone. It’s not a sad life, I often whisper
to myself, bitterness
with every syllable.
It’s an acquired taste.
Just like my love for nebulae.

Giving Love

I’m offering this poem to you since I have nothing to give
you. Take care of it like a child when it’s winter.
Hug it to keep cozy when cold starts to rise. It keeps you

I love you

I have nothing else to give you but
a pot full of soup. It will keep your stomach heated.
It is earmuffs to wear on your neck, wear on your ears, wear
over your forehead to tie around your chin.

I love you

Keep it treasured. It’s like family, not like an orphan,
lost in the world with no direction. In the
corner of your window, wind is knocking. I’ll be wide
open. I will keep you toasty with a warm blanket. Warm


I love you

Angry and Sad and Okay

My private anger has never
been when I get a needle in
my skin. When it hurts I
get angry and sad. My mom
pulls it out, I say, “Ouch!” It
hurts bad. My mom gives me a
Band-Aid. I am still angry and
when my mom puts an ice packet on it,
I feel fine and I cool down and
rest in my bed and watch TV in
my room and play games. My
mom tells me to
go to bed so i turn my TV off
and go to sleep.
The next day I wake up, get dressed,
brush my teeth, eat, and go to school.
No more pain!

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