C.Lofty (They/Them)
Teaching Artist

C.Lofty/Lofty is a black, queer, and southern poet who has recently relocted to Chicago in summer 2021. A fan of early mornings, late nights and fresh cups of coffee, Lofty has been writing poetry regularly since middle school, and has been self publishing chapbooks since their senior year of high school. Through their poetry they explore notions of identity formations, the quantum imagination, history, ontology and voodoo practices. They have 6 self published works titled, Lofty (2019), The Aquarius’ Aquarium (2019), Blue and Orange (2020), Unloc’d (2021), Black Atlanteans (2021) and The Master’s House (2021) and additional individual poems published through Lupercalia Press, and Rigorous Press.

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