October 27, 2020

2020 Election Resources

With election day approaching on November 3, 826CHI wants to do its part in ensuring you have access to resources that will not only simplify voting but help you understand how to make your voice heard. Use, or share, this list of resources as you exercise the right to vote. 

Voting In Chicago

Steps you can take to ensure that your vote counts in Chicago this fall.

How to Vote in Chicago

Everything you need to know about voting in a pandemic.

Your Voting Rights

The lowdown on your voting rights.

Vote Riders (Get ID to Vote)

Get assistance with identity verification and identification documents.

Election Day Guidance

Know what to expect at the polls and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Your Ballot Explained

Every candidate and referendum, explained.

Free Transportation 

This year, Lyft and UBER are helping voters get to the polls on Election Day by offering free and discounted rides.

Election Protection

Learn more about voter suppression and how you can become an Election Protection volunteer.

Check Your Judges:

Your guide to the November 2020 Cook County judicial elections.