June 1, 2018

826CHI Book Release - A Flower Blooming in the Dark

****This event is part of 826CHI’s Publishing Fest, a week of literary release events across Chicago celebrating the work of young writers ages 6-18! All events are free and open to the public.****

Join 826CHI and the students of this year's Young Authors Book Project for a community celebration of our new book, "A Flower Blooming in the Dark" on Monday, June 11th at The Promontory from 6-8pm. The writing in this book asks readers to reconsider the negative narrative that is often imposed on Chicago. The memoirs and poems in this book offer a glimpse of Chicago as it should be seen: a complicated, big, beautiful, messy, frustrating, wonderful city. From the magic of first love to the uncertainty of failure, from a neighborhood game of Hide and Seek to the top floor of the John Hancock Building, come out to hear the stories of 100 teens and let them provide you with an education in living in and representing their city. 


Saturday, June 9th, 1:30pm - “A Flower Blooming in the Dark” book release at Printers Row Lit Fest // https://bit.ly/2II2ked

Monday, June 18th, 6-8pm - “I Will Hold You Like a Bible” book release at The Poetry Foundation & Poetry Magazine // https://bit.ly/2IJHpHA