June 21, 2018

826CHI Statement on Family Separation

From "Birthplace" // Published in Keep Rowing, 2016 // Read the entire piece here

As a community that places utmost value on the welfare of all children, we condemn, in the strongest terms, the United States Department of Justice’s inhumane policy of separating children from their families. We call for the collective action of the 826CHI community to demand children who were separated are immediately reunited with their families.

What you can do on your own…

Here are links to resources our team has found helpful for individual action:

What we can do together…

Support Youth

826CHI is a space where students can bravely unpack the world in which we live and explore their experience and perspective through writing.

That means that what’s impacting students lives often shows up in the writing process. Youth hear and know what’s happening in the world around them, and may trigger a range of emotions. We are here to support them as they process these emotions and bring forth their ability to advocate for themselves.

As a team of compassionate volunteers, staff members, parents, teachers, and caretakers, it’s our duty to support students who are processing the news of family separation at the border. Here are a few resources on the topic that will equip you to engage and advocate in the classroom or at home:

March with 826CHI

A team of 826CHI community members will be attending the Families Belong Together March on Saturday, June 30th at Daley Plaza. We will meet at 826CHI and  take the train together at 10:30am. Community members will be at 826CHI from 9:30-10:30am with supplies for signs if you’d like to come early and make something to take with you to the march. Families and children are invited. Sign up on the volunteer calendar here.