August 15, 2017


826CHI stands in solidarity with those in Charlottesville who put themselves at risk to speak out against white supremacy. The 826 Stand asserts, “We as educators, volunteers, and caring adults need to be aware of the wide range of issues our students face on a day-to-day basis. We need to support these young people as they navigate through and try to make sense of the world and their own identities.”

After the recent events in Charlottesville, making sense of the world today is difficult not only as educators but as individuals and community members. #CharlottesvilleCurriculum is not only a trending hashtag but also a movement in which resources and ideas are being collected from diverse perspectives to unpack what has happened, why it happened, and what we can do to have informed and intentional conversations with each other and with young people.

We hope you find it useful as we continue to stand with those most vulnerable to racial violence and (re)define what it means to be an educator, volunteer, and community leader. Check out The Charlottesville Syllabus here.