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August 26, 2019

Welcome, 826 MSP!

This year, we're celebrating 826 Day by welcoming a new chapter into our network: 826 MSP! Previously known as the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute (or “MOI”), 826 MSP serves the students of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Since 2012, MOI has been working with 826 National to become a chapter in the 826 network. They've expanded their programs, built a thriving, sustainable organization for thousands of Twin Cities students, and opened a beautiful youth writing center in Minneapolis in 2018.

To welcome 826 MSP into the network, 826CHI students and summer interns Michaela and Mercury wrote a letter to the 826 MSP community.

"On behalf of all of us at 826CHI, we warmly welcome 826MSP to the 826 network!

826 is more than just a job, volunteer work, or a one-time experience. 826 is an invaluable space! A place where students can speak and truly be heard. There is no power imbalance between the words of a student and the words of an adult. Not only in the words you speak, but the words you write.

Being both students and interns, we are constantly learning from the staff. They dedicate their time to make sure we are always getting the most out of our time here. 826 has helped us grow and become the people we are and want to be. Always remember: your students are people. 826 stands for all students of varied backgrounds, identities, statuses, ability, etc., and gives them outlets and support to make sure that their voices are heard, and that their voices matter. To students, be observant in the communities you are part of, see what is going on to keep finding ways of support, inspiration, and action for not only yourself, but for everybody. Sharing this organization with more students across the nation means the increasing of belief and trust in student voices. We have found an escalation in our voices at 826 in ways we hadn’t really thought about before. And we hope the same for your students. We believe in you, 826MSP!

-Michaela B., Mercury R., and 826CHI"

To learn more about 826 MSP, dive into their website, take a virtual tour of their writing center, or peek at their recent YABP publication, Indigenous Originated.