Charlie the Seal

Charlie the Seal was born in the mountains. He lived on the brown, sunny rocks. His family lived there with him.One day he was hot, so he climbed down the mountain and went to the water for a swim. He saw some catfish that were small and blue and caught one, because catfish smell delicious.He got out of the water and the water felt hot on him. He went back to the smaller mountain and ate the fish. When it was nighttime, he fell asleep.The next day, he saw other seals catching fish and playing in the water. He went in the water and swam for awhile, but then he saw the seals going to the top of the mountain, where they were playing and rolling in the snow.Charlie joined them. They walked across those rocks, and the rocks felt hard on the mountain. Eventually, they went back to the medium-mountain and, when it was dark at night, they went to the cave and fell asleep again.The baby seals squealed at night when they went away from their mothers. When day came, all the seals woke up and saw their baby seals had woken up, too.So, the seals brought the baby seals down the mountain and showed the baby seals how to swim in the water. The baby seals went in the water and practiced swimming, and they did good by themselves.After they had finished, the seals climbed the mountain and went to their caves and fell asleep because it was their bedtime, and the seals sleep a lot.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: The Light You Need

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