7 Things

your hair is beginning to grow past your ears.

it angers me almost as much as it brings a giddy smile to my face. it stretches every which way as it peeks out of your hood. i watch it bend and curve through your fingers when you pull at it. your fingers disappear in the overgrown mane.

your fingers, i imagine them linked with mine. in another time, space and place.

you throw your head back in laughter at my dumb jokes. the more you laugh, the more i love the sound.

your leg never stops bouncing, which would be annoying if i had any reason to believe you had control over it.

you actually never stop moving. you kick your desk and fold the edges of your papers. you crack your knuckles and tug at your earlobes.

your ears are pierced, i don’t like this.

your eyes are a deep brown. i never listen to a word you’re saying when you look me in the eyes. your words drown out and i begin to notice the flecks of gold as i watch your pupils grow and shrink.

you ask me if i agree with whatever you were talking about. i just nod, say yes, and hope you weren’t planning human genocide.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: I Will Hold You Like a Bible

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