A Front Row Seat

Take me out to the ball game take me

To the crowd. one of my most favorite thing

About Chicago is their baseball games.

Seeing the white sox play in their league

It always makes me excited to see who are they against.

I'm used to watching baseball games

When i was younger me and my whole family

Will always go to the sox games

When my dad use to work at the factory

His boss was the best he always gave us sox game tickets.

We would not go on the car because

Their parking is always full so we take the bus or the train.

I don't know how describe this place is huge

It feels like i'm inside of a alien ship.

Any way sometimes when we get tickets it's sometimes

Front row seats and we would see that home run or out of the park.

I got a autograph by one of the baseball players

I have it hanging in my wall to remember the day i met a famous sox

So we can keep the white sox spirit.

We would get our white sox shirts jackets

But that's what i love about my

Chicago this is what my chicago means

I don't care what they think

Hopefully in the future my sister

Can show her kids are child hod or

In the future if i have kids of

My own i can show them

Were i use to go when i was

More younger where me

And my family will go

Thanks for understanding what

My Chicago means to me

From own perspective of


From the 826CHI Student Publication: A Flower Blooming in the Dark

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