An Eternal Memory

A tranquil summer night at the Buckingham Fountain with my family
The circular fountain was surrounded with golden railing
Water swiftly arose and reflected off of the enormous skyscrapers
Mixtures of pastel colors intertwined in the sky

The rapid wind rustled against the trees
Cars rushed by with hundreds of beeps
The flashing of cameras
Water gushing into the air like a volcanic eruption

Our glistening eyes watched observantly
Measuring each water sprout
Making guesses as to which would fly the highest
We were mesmerized

The glowing mist shifted towards
Staining the pavement
We all took a step back simultaneously
Although it still got to us
Softly landing and kissing our skin like a blanket

I felt at peace as I calmly stared
Admiring the beauty that was before my eyes

At the end of the day we had not a single worry
But we did have
An eternal memory of a stunning summer night at the Buckingham Fountain.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: A Flower Blooming in the Dark

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