I wish Bigfoot was real so that way if I have a bet with my dad, I’d win. But he wouldn’t take the bet, so then my dad would say “No, cause he’s not real anyways.”

Then I’d say, “So, you’re saying Bigfoot is not real, and you’re scared to bet cause you know he is.”

I’d bet on getting the WWE 13 video game. My dad would probably trust me a little more because I’d be right, and he wouldn’t be.

Then when there would be a family party, my dad will let me play more with my cousins when they are playing. I can probably even leave home unsupervised and go to a friend’s house. Also, I can watch TV more at night and stay up late.

I can watch my favorite shows and stay up past 12 a.m. because that’s how long those TV shows take. I’d also bet that the Plesiosaur is still real, and not extinct,and that way I’d probably be able to have more privileges, and my dad can trust me even more.

I’d probably be able to finally adopt a Doberman, if my dad has more trust in me. Then I can bet with my mom. I’d have the same bet I’m having with my dad. She’d say “What?!” I’d explain, and describe Bigfoot to her, then I can prove it to my mom and my dad at the same time. So she would trust me too, and my mom makes most of the decisions. Then that way both my mom and my dad would trust me more.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: A Bubble with a Password

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