Candyland… Candyland is a wonderful place. It’s filled with candy and sweets. In Candyland, sweets are healthy for you but fruits and vegetables are terrible for you.

Candyland is in Unicorn Falls. It’s such a beautiful place. Our rulers are Queen Sugar Plum and King Gumdrop. Queen Sugar Plum is nice, generous, and considerate. King Gumdrop is lazy, funny, and leaves the ruling to his wife (he watches TV all day). In order to get to Candyland you need to teleport. It’s easy.

First, write “Candyland” on a piece of paper. Next, write “Unicorn Falls” or “Milky Way.” Then, tuck it under the pillow and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will be in Candyland.

If you want to go to Candyland you need to be nice. There are two places, one is the Milky Way and the other is Unicorn Falls.

In Candyland, it rains warm milk chocolate instead of water. Sometimes people get marshmallow and cookie bowls and they put them outside so they can fill the bowls up and enjoy a great snack.

In Candyland, everything is made out of candy except clothes. In Candyland, the sky is purple and the clouds are made of pink cotton candy. It’s fluffy and yummy.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: But I Am Myself, And I Am Perfect For It

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