Coming Out

I remember when I came out to my parents, friends, and teachers.

The moment was not easy, yet I did it. I remember it was a late afternoon, and I had told my parents that I had something to tell them. I remember my little brother and sister play-fighting in a faraway room. I sat down at the kitchen table. It was just my mom, dad, and me.

I looked at them, but the fear of being pushed away made me look down.

Seven minutes passed, and it was all quiet until I got up and headed to my room. I took a deep breath. I could hear mumbling in the kitchen. I could smell hot tea all the way up in my room.

I then stepped out and told my parents, “I’m gay.”

I was thinking that they would not be accepting of it. I walked away. But as I did, they said, “We love you no matter what or who you are. We love you because you’re you.”

My life in that moment changed. The only thing that was left to do was to tell my friends.

So, the week we got back to school, I told them.

It was early in the morning. I was in class. I told my best friend Abraham first, then I asked if he could help me. Abraham is gay too.

I remember the exact words he said. He smiled at me with his perfect smile and green eyes, “Don’t worry, David. I’m gonna help you. I won’t leave you alone on this. You deserve to be who you are.”

I heard other people talking and gossiping throughout the day, but I kept on going. That afternoon, Abraham helped me tell people. I will never forget these moments because everyone was supportive and understanding. I couldn’t ask for more.

“Don’t worry, we support you.”

“I got your back.”

I felt so happy, and with a whole new life. Everyone was there for me in this moment. I did it because I was proud of it!

So I was known for who I was. I kept living my life because the world kept moving, so I did too.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: I Remember... A Cheetah with Coffee in its Daily Diet

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