it’s mysterious but my mind came across your mind and it was broken up and you couldn’t think. fear shouldn’t be “left alone” or ignored. it should be controlled before it controls you. 

less time to think of actions, to do something about it. the inside of something is an action and the outside is the outcome. it’s been a long journey that you came along too, you learned a lot more than what you originally did.

it makes me realize that maybe sometimes in life some things are best left alone but just ask yourself: are they really? the meaning of that is to tell the person no matter what, even when you are lost, you can always be found.

even both of them, the reality is they’re both there. where people all get the support they need and deserve. sadly, you can’t save everyone even the ones you love, and no it doesn’t mean that you completely lost that person,

one thing I found out the hard way is, for me it's hard to accept how things are and let things go. one is more important than the other but the reality is they’re both needed for balance

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Chaos Comes Naturally

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