From a Loner to a Soulmate

“What would I do if I had not met you?

Who would I be if you had not been my friend?”

What about for you?

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,”

said the thoughts of everyone else and ourselves.

It was all sort of against us happening,

to get as close as we’ve become,

so far.

Whether they or we knew it or not,

liked it or not.


is what many could say is what we are,

what we feel,

what we say.

It all confuses me,

though you’ve left clear cross-

stitching of yours in my mind.

Have I in yours?

I don’t feel pain from this,

from you.

Though I may be at my own loss of words at times,

you know what I speak of now.

Every time I say these words, I hope you feel them.

Everyone else may be right,

but trust we are smart and capable enough for our

everlasting, ever-changing

obstacles, burdens, pasts.

The way you look, the way I look,

we look good enough for us.

What the world may want doesn’t matter.

Trust in yourself, trust me,

that you don’t hurt me or anyone.

That you, me,

we can be free of the fearful voids that hold us.

Trust you are worth more than the world.

Trust we are worth more than the universe.

I remember, you remember,

a touch turned into a new experience,

a feeling.

We knew, but didn’t know we knew what it was,

underneath it all.

We do our time looking back on it all,

before our possibility, after our accomplishment.

When we’re messed up, having fun,

I’m the one you want to talk to,

and you to I.

Saying you want to see me before we’re

supposedly supposed to see each other again.

I don’t disagree.

Everything we said running through

my mind, your mind.

Our words to one another, no one else,

the freedom of us.

We leave ourselves wondering, thinking

through memories and possibilities,


From the 826CHI Student Publication: We Are Worth More Than the Universe

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