Giant Furry

Once upon a time, I heard something in the woods. It was really loud. It sounded like the stomping of a big dinosaur’s foot. It was so loud my parents woke up. We lived near the woods, that’s why it was so loud. But then my parents fell back asleep. I got out of my bed and went outside. When I opened the door I saw something big but I couldn’t see it well. So then I ran to the kitchen to get a flashlight and a broom. Then I ran back and it was still there.

When I turned on the flashlight, it was a giant, furry, giraffe-looking creature. It wasn’t scared of me, so I got close to it and petted it, and I gave it a name. It was Furry. I noticed he liked that name because he started jumping around. He let me on his back and we climbed a mountain. When we reached the top of the mountain we were above the clouds. It was so cool and I was so amazed, but I was tired. Then a few moments later I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was in my bed. I looked out the window and it was open.

I saw a piece of fur that Furry left. Then I figured out it wasn’t a dream, it was real life.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: The Moon Wrote a Song

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