I am from the kitchen
From the high hanging cabinets
to the low laying drawers
From our spice rack we try to clean
to our fridge packed tighter than a clown car
I am from around the world
From touring all of Italy and trying real pasta
to going to South Africa and hearing my sister sing
I am from the Windy City
From winters so cold they make Antarctica look warm
to the deepest pizza you will ever see
and the loud cars and traffic on Lake Shore Drive
I am from a community that fully supports each other
I am from the best family there is
From my dad who is always there when I need him most
to my mom who just wants me to be happy
and my siblings who care about my feelings
From helping me with my homework
to being my personal chauffeur
The kitchen
a scrapbook of so many memories
which all led to shape who I am today
I am my own person
changing and forging my own path
Day after day after day

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Eat Your Words

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