Move Over I'm Squished

“Hey dad!” I yelled, “Are we going to México this year?” (Sometimes he doesn’t listen to me, so I have to be emphatic).

When he turned and looked at me, he said, “Do you really want to go this year?”

I replied happily, “Yeah of course.” I was super excited because I haven’t gone to México in five years.

My dad said, “Okay, we will go, but we are going to have to go on the bus.” When I heard him say this I felt a little bit skeptical because it would be my first time.  We had to wait so long to go get the tickets, it literally felt like years before we got them. The horrible thing about the day we left is that I had to do take three important tests in two days.  I had to take two NWEA tests and one assessment.

The day I left, I had to wait for the bus in the cold weather for about 20 minutes. I was sure I was frozen solid. I couldn’t even move. We were on the bus for 36 hours, and I kept getting squished by my sister the whole way there.

On the way to México we made four stops.  Once we reached Texas, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner, and we stayed there for about 30 minutes.  Once we left the restaurant, we stopped at a city in México named Celaya to switch buses because each bus went to different cities. We switched buses and then left to our city which is named Salvatierra, where my aunt, uncle, and cousin were waiting for us.  The last time I saw them was five years ago.

Once we got home, I finally saw my grandparents again. A few days after we got there, I met my cousin who I had not seen for about ten years. We were there for about three weeks, and the day we left was horrible. Right when the bus was about to leave and I was about get on the bus, my uncle two aunts and my cousin and grandma took us to the place, everyone started bursting into tears.  I literally thought all the tears would form a river. On the way back, I could not even sleep. The bus had a TV and they kept on putting on the movies. I didn’t sleep, not even one hour, but I could not say the same for my sister.  When we got back and my mom got home from work, everyone got together and had a group hug.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Let Me See Your Funky Chicken

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