My Good-but-Bad Favorite Holiday

You are probably wondering: what’s her favorite holiday?

Well, my favorite holiday is Christmas. And no, it isn’t because of the presents, because I don’t get that many. I only got a couple of things last Christmas: a 100 emoji pillow, new nail polish, a cute, fluffy teddy bear, and some money—but I still was grateful because some kids can’t get any Christmas presents at all, and that’s not what Christmas is about anyway. The reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday is because it’s a time to spend time with family and for me and my sisters to change up the game and buy the adults some things.

When my grandma Darlene, my grandad Tevel, my aunt Sarah and her two sons Demarcus and Timothy, and my stepdad Kyron came over, me, my mom Tiffany, and my two sisters Marchell and Amaria were already at home cooking. I cooked the cakes (yes, I want to be a pastry chef), and my mom cooked the rest of the food (like the dressing, chicken, etc.). We had an amazing time playing games, watching movies, and all of that.

Then, a good holiday turned into a bad one. My mom and my aunt cannot get along. They started arguing over some crazy stuff (I kind of forget what it was). Then, my aunt left with her two sons, which made me mad. Then, my grandma and grandad left, and that made me mad also. All I wanted was for us to spend family time together, but they couldn’t cooperate, so the night ended early—and so did my good-but-bad holiday.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: I Remember... It Wasn't a Joking Matter

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