No Tacos for You Today

Once, there was a girl named Kelly. She was on her phone talking to Brandon about the monster who likes tacos. Brandon was a boy she liked in school and he liked her back. They got off the phone in the night, and then Kelly heard really hard stomping, which she thought to be an earthquake. When she looked back, she saw the monster. She wanted to take a picture to show Brandon.

But she opened the photos app too late, and she only got a picture of the tail of the monster. Brandon did not believe Kelly because Brandon thought the tail in the picture was a taco. So Brandon put a song about tacos in his text to Kelly. Kelly texted, “No tacos for you today!” to Brandon.

After texting Brandon, Kelly ran to take another picture. When she got there, the monster faced her and its face looked like the Grinch. Kelly took the picture and ran away. The monster ran to get Kelly, because the monster thought that Kelly was a taco. Kelly ran to the nearest taco shop. Then, she went inside the taco shop and then sent the photo to Brandon to prove that the monster was real. When Brandon looked at it, Brandon freaked out and ran outside to look for Kelly. Then, Kelly bought tacos for the monster and herself. She came out of the taco shop and gave the tacos to the monster. The monster grabbed a taco and ate it, and the monster said “Mmmmmm.”

Brandon walked by and saw Kelly eating tacos with the monster. Brandon said, “What the heck, what the heck? What the heck is that!”

Then, Kelly said, “No tacos for you today!”

From the 826CHI Student Publication: The Moon Wrote a Song

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