Ode to Evicted Lovers

She will come on the first day

and ask your heart if it wants to move in with her 

You will crawl inside of her chest

bring all of your belongings 

And She will say

 make yourself at home 

She's used to people making a home of her body 

She will tell you that what's hers 

is yours

So you will take in the I love yous as your own 

You will wear her pain as your own

Shower in her cries 

Soon those will be yours too

When you get comfortable 

she will force you to leave 

Say that you've overstayed your visit

And you will pack up your body bag and leave 

Everything good in you will be left at the doorstep of her lips 

And like they always do

She will knock on the doors of your chest 

Come back 

Your heart will look through the peephole 

And pretend it is not there

And soon she will be an afterthought

From the 826CHI Student Publication: I Will Hold You Like a Bible

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