Race of the Century

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to host the greatest race of the century… The Magikuplo Tour!” exclaimed the announcer. “What a beautiful, hot summer day in Ethiopia on the 20th race in history.”

Randolf wanted to win this race and acquire the prize, the Mobile of Mysteries. He wanted to ride the ancient vehicle his teacher told him about. Everyone knew of the rare treasures called “cars” that became extinct after World War IV when King Eglocipia of Ethiopia conquered the world.

Just like Randolf, millions of people wanted to ride the Mobile of Mysteries. As the terrain changed from hard concrete to gravel roads, then swampy grasslands, Randolf became scared and questioned if he should really risk his life for a race. He began to slow down to a steady stop and noticed everyone else stopped as well. A high pitched shrill came over the crowd in the midst of the bewilderment. Randolf shuffled to the front of the group of racers. What he found was a thin wooden bridge over a dirty river with two ropes supporting it.

“What happened? Who screamed?” asked Randolf and many other racers.

Another racer soon pointed in astonishment at a man-sized hole in the bridge. Randolf looked down the hole and saw a giant goldfish with a runner in its mouth.

“I am the guardian of the Mobile of Mysteries. All who want to pass will die trying,” declared the goldfish.

The creature then jumped up, destroying the bridge. Randolf marveled in fear at the shimmering gray scales of the fish.

Scared for his life, Randolf tried to run away from the scene, but he was accidentally pushed into the river by another runner. Trying to get back onto the surface, Randolf grabbed a branch. The branch broke and sent Randolf plunging into the deep river, closer to the goldfish. Noticing the goldfish under him, Randolf fought against the strong current. Losing hope, he sunk lower and lower into the river, closer and closer to the goldfish. Randolf pointed the stick toward the fish, trying to protect himself from being eaten, and by doing so Randolf stabbed the monster. The momentum from hitting such an enormous creature caused Randolf to shoot out of the water and onto the other side of the river.

Astounded, Randolf ran toward a bright light that caught his eye. When he reached the light, he found a mysterious silver box with four black wheels. Approaching it with caution, Randolf studied the weird object and found a sign reading The Mobile of Mysteries. Inside the vehicle Randolf saw King Eglocipia with a warm smile. Opening the door, his majesty said,  “Welcome.”

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