Shout-Out Poem

Here’s to Ola, she understands what I say and she loves me so much.

Here’s to Iraq, it makes me happy, living with my family.

Here’s to grandfather, I remember the last hug.

Hugged him when I wanted to come here.

Here’s to Alddawalimub, remembering me because it is family in Iraq

Here’s to grandfather, because he is a doctor and I would like to be like him.

Here’s to the sea, where I hear the voices of the waves.

Here’s to my sister, because she is very funny.

Here’s to Sunday, because I go on this day to church.

Here’s to One Direction, their song “Kiss You” is the first song I ever heard.

Here’s to Chicago, because it’s lovely.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: I Remember... Our Whole Life in a Secret Place

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