The Crowned-Head Mole Living With Stuff Like Bearkats Goes On An Adventure

Once, there was a king mole in a big castle. Other weird animals lived in the citadel, such as a bearkat, which was literally a cat that looked like a bear and smelled like buttery popcorn. They needed gold and rations because their castle was in a remote area. The crowned-head king mole was trying to find out where to get what they needed, then he remembered they had a boat nearby in the ocean. They went to fix the ship. It was old and the propeller didn’t work underwater so they put it on the top of the back of the boat.

When it was time to leave, the king decided he wanted to take the castle, but it was much too large, so he cut off the top. The crowned-head wanted all of the animals to come so he told them to get in the piece of the castle he cut off, and he put it on the boat. The mole was really big so he had to stay on top of the castle, on top of the boat, and watch their path as they went. After one month of sailing, they got to a wonderland full of gold andfood.

Gold was gold but food came in many different varieties. Each food was from a different country, region, or cuisine. It was amazing, but as they went on they recognized each feast came with a cost to get there. Once they even had to defeat an army in planes! Another time they had to climb a giant Jenga tower to Mars without making the tower fall, but the adventures to get the food were usually fun.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: The Moon Wrote a Song

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