The Giant’s Train

Windy City, or Chi-town, whatever you call it.

It’s a beautiful city despite some flaws.

Riding on the orange line all the way to downtown,

Seeing all the art on the buildings as they pass by.

I ride the train watching the city’s buildings fly by

A blur of concrete, steel and glass,

Until my favorite approaches and the world slows.

A giant man sits on the side of a building

Watching over as the train passes by.

Sadness is furrowed on his brow.

Some would say he worries for the people he watches over,

The violence our city has gained a reputation for.

I disagree. I know that’s not what crosses his mind.

The giant is a man of Chicago, and he knows the truth.

Like the Giant, Chicago is unique. The walls are painted

With the stories and characters of the city.

The Giant frowns not because he worries about us,

He frowns because he wishes the world could see what he sees.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: A Flower Blooming in the Dark

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