The Story of Hot Dog Wolf

Once upon a time there was a hot dog named Wolf Dog. He lived in New York and he had a pet wolf. Wolf Dog knew how to fly and his job was to make hot dogs. He loved to eat hot dogs with ketchup and he had the power to shoot ketchup out of his hands.

The buildings in New York were made out of blue Dorito potato chips and were 5,000 feet tall. Wolf Dog was five inches tall and his wolf was one foot tall. They liked to play in a playground made out of candy and broken car wheels. There was a swimming pool filled with slime and Wolf Dog was really good at swimming. He won a Championship in the first century and won his pet wolf. He also had an airplane with stickers of wolves on it. He also knew how to drive a train.

Three thousand and eighteen years ago, Wolf Dog used to be a normal hot dog until he drank a potion with acid in it. “What’s happening to my body?” said Wolf Dog, “I am seeing hot dogs everywhere!” Then his pet wolf gave him a potato so Wolf Dog cooked it into blue Dorito chips and ate them. And suddenly, he grew a pair of huge wings and he yelled, “Oh my God! I know how to fly!” He ate more potato chips and then could suddenly shoot out ketchup from his hands!

After that happened, Wolf Dog thought that Dorito chips are good for his body and one day, he walked by the park and saw Dorito chips on the ground. He said, “Yay! I’m so lucky!” and went to pick them up.

Suddenly a dragon stood up. The dragon was really angry and said, “What are you doing to my body?!” Wolf Dog dropped the Dorito chips and said, “Sorry! I didn’t know the chips are the spikes on your body.” The dragon blew fire out of his nose and burned everything around them. Wolf Dog shot out ketchup from his hands into the dragon’s eyes.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: The Story of Hot Dog Wolf

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