The Story of the Boy Who Didn’t Want to Write

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jovani, and he did not want to write. He tried so hard to get out of writing. He tried to fake getting sick by coughing and sneezing. Alex did not believe him, because she usually knows when he’s fake doing things. Alex is a tutor, and it’s her job to make Jovani write before reading, doing homework, or playing Uno. He tried fake dying by not breathing. He tried to hide in a shelf at 826, but Alex found him. He finally tricked her that he was going to the bathroom. Instead, he actually went across the street to get a sandwich. And then, she saw him.

       “What do you think you are doing? We have to write! What time is it? Writing time! Oh, but it’s also 5:15.”

       “Oh no, I have to write!” Jovani said.

       And he wrote for the rest of his life. But she tricked him.

Alex likes being a tutor. She likes writing. She is always happy. She sounds like Taylor Swift and smells like flowers.

Jovani got a combo sandwich with three meats and twenty pounds of lettuce and thirty pounds of tomatoes. At the end, Jovani wrote this whole thing. Then he got to read a little bit and go home.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Everything You Could Ever Imagine Was There

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