The Time-Travelling Robbers

Long ago, before Star Wars, Leah, Jessie, and Jill were trying to rob IDC Bank in Libertyville because they wanted to buy a yacht for their trip to San Felix. So on August 12th, 1920, they tried to rob the IDC Bank but they didn’t know how to because they were actually tutors and 826 students. They got the crowbar out of their bag and tried to budge the safe open but they couldn’t. Then they used a stethoscope to try to crack the safe’s code, but they didn’t know how to use it because Jill was tall (she was 6’5”). Someone saw them so they called the police and they rushed to IDC Bank.

Detective Duncan was the undercover cop who called for back up. He wasn’t that smart, but he finally he found out that one of the cops was helping Leah, Jessie, and Jill rob the bank! The cop’s name was Rodknee. At once, the detective arrested him and the three friends. Together in jail, they created the Fantastic 4.

Then they made a weapon. It was a silent drill. Every night for three months, they drilled a one-inch hole. Inside the tunnel, they made a time-traveling machine so they could get out. They went to January 25, 2017, and planned to rob the White House. The Fantastic 4 wanted more money to get a yacht with a helicopter pad. Their new plan was to rob CDI Bank and buy a Tesla. Accordingly, they robbed CDI Bank and were successful.

Back to the year 1920: the cleaning lady, Francy, was cleaning their cell when she saw a light under the bed. She moved the bed and saw the time machine. Now the cops know that they are time-traveling robbers.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Paw Prints in the Mud, Huellas de garras en el lodo

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